NeoQuest Bosses

Want to know who you face before you attack them? Those are the [almost] ultimately evil bosses in NeoQuest.

As a general rule, be at least 2 levels above the level of the boss you're fighting - should give you a much easier time with them (this will not work on UBGs... but then, who said they would be easy on you ?)

ImageBoss Information
Guardian of Fire MagicGuardian of Fire Magic
Location: Mountain Fortress (View Map).
Level: 40.
Hit Points: 320.
Special: drain, fire blast.
Loot: Firedrop Staff, 500 xp, 500 np..

Beginning Speech: The Guardian of Fire Magic turns to face you, flames roiling off its skin as it raises its arms and prepares to strike!

Defeated Speech: The Guardian of Fire Magic begins to change colour, from red, to orange, and yellow, getting hotter and hotter with each change. Suddenly the Guardian explodes upward into an enormous pillar of flame, shooting into the sky. Your hair is singed as you are hurled backward by the explosion, tumbling through the sand and fetching up against a large rock embedded in the ground. A few moments later, the pillar vanishes, replaced by a cloud of thick, drifting smoke. You make your way back over to where the Guardian was, and see a flame-coloured staff lying on the ground.