NeoQuest Bosses

Want to know who you face before you attack them? Those are the [almost] ultimately evil bosses in NeoQuest.

As a general rule, be at least 2 levels above the level of the boss you're fighting - should give you a much easier time with them (this will not work on UBGs... but then, who said they would be easy on you ?)

ImageBoss Information
Guardian of Ice MagicGuardian of Ice Magic
Location: Mountain Fortress (View Map).
Level: 40.
Hit Points: 320.
Special: drain, ice blast.
Loot: Iceheart staff, 500 xp, 500 np..

Beginning speech: The Guardian of Ice Magic emits a breath of chilled air as it readies itself to fight!

Defeated speech: The Guardian of Ice Magic stops moving suddenly, as tiny hairline cracks begin to spiderweb through its body. A few pieces of ice crack and fall from the Guardian, and suddenly it shatters entirely, exploding pieces of ice all over the floor. The ice melts rapidly, forming a pool of chilled water, in the center of which lies a cobalt-blue staff.