NeoQuest Bosses

Want to know who you face before you attack them? Those are the [almost] ultimately evil bosses in NeoQuest.

As a general rule, be at least 2 levels above the level of the boss you're fighting - should give you a much easier time with them (this will not work on UBGs... but then, who said they would be easy on you ?)

ImageBoss Information
Xantan The FoulXantan The Foul
Location: Dank Cave, Level 4 (View Map).
Level: 10.
Hit Points: 80.
Special: fire blast 20.
Loot: 500 np, 500 xp, Xantan's Ring..

Beginning Speech: Xantan the Foul glares at you as you approach, hatred burning in his sunken eyes.
"I'll teach you to come here, fool!" he shouts as he raises his wand and prepares to attack.

Defeated Speech: Xantan the Foul roars a word less howl of anguish as he falls, defeated. The walls begin to shake suddenly, and bits of stone and rock tumble from the ceiling, clattering on the ground all around you. A few large stones fall, nearly crushing you. The rumbling sound grows as the room shakes more and more violently. Xantan appears to be wasting away before your very eyes! His body shrivels, becoming colorless and small, and he emits a whimper just before a flash of white light blinds you momentarily. When your vision clears, Xantan is gone, and you hear a faint whisper in the distance...
"I will return..."
Location: Jungle Ruins - Dungeon Level 1 (View Map).
Level: 15.
Hit Points: 130.
Special: stun 2 rounds, fire blast ice blast blasts.
Loot: 700 xp, 700 np, Rotting Wooden Key..

Beginning speech: Kreai says, "You foolish adventurers! When will you learn to leave me alone?! I'll destroy you for this intrusion!"

Defeated Speech: Kreai falls to the ground, gasping for air. "I... cannot... cannot be... defeated..." He coughs and looks up at you. "I... I suppose we were foolish... to think we could live forever here... but the others... The others will not be so easily overcome. Gors... knows you are here..." With that, he slumps to the ground and is silent.
Gors the MightyGors the Mighty
Location: Gors' Maze in Jungle Ruins (View Map).
Level: 20.
Hit Points: 150.
Special: heal, stun 2 rounds, :poison: ice blast fire blast blasts..
Loot: 850 xp, 850np, Silvered Horn Key, The Staff of Ni-tas..

Beginning speech: Gors the Mighty grunts, hefting a thick wooden staff in one hand as he sizes you up. "Ha! Let's see how well you fight, little creature," he says to you.

Defeated speech: Gors the Mighty swings madly at you with his staff, but at the last falls to the ground. He struggles to his feet. "I am impressed," Gors says. "None have ever bested me in combat before. Though it pains me to admit it, you are a better figher than I. Perhaps you will stand up to Rollay after all... when you meet him." With that, Gors stumbles off into the darkness.
Rollay ScalebackRollay Scaleback
Location: Jungle Ruins - Dungeon level 3 (View Map).
Level: 25.
Hit Points: 180.
Special: stun 3 rounds, heal 45 HP..
Loot: Jeweled Crystal Key, Rusty Medallion, 1000xp, 1000 np..

Beginning Speech: Rollay Scaleback hisses at you as you approach. He does not look happy to see you, and prepares to strike.

Defeated Speech: Rollay Scaleback hisses angrily as he falls to the ground, defeated. "Ssss... my powersss... are fading. For ages I have ruled this place...aahhhh..." He looks up at you, his eyes narrowing dangerously. "You mussst be insssane if you think you can defeat my... my massster, who gave me these powersss... He will win in the end... he alwaysss doesss..." Rollay coughs and reaches up to pull a small medallion from a chain around his neck, then tosses it to you. "I sssuppose... that you would have a better chance... with this. Find Korabric... here... and tell him... I am sssorry..."
Rollay drags himself to the edge of the lake, and silently slips into the water. He does not resurface.
Archmagus of RooArchmagus of Roo
Location: Temple of Roo - Level 2 (View Map).
Level: 31.
Hit Points: 200.
Special: stun 3 rounds, drain 50 HP, ice blast 50 HP, heal 80 HP.
Loot: Clouded Gem, 1200xp, 1200np..

Beginning Speech: The Archmagus of Roo stands before you, his arms crossed and his eyes impassive. His deep voice booms out as he says, "This place is protected so that none here may leave... and such a fate will be yours as well!"

Defeated Speech: The Archmagus of Roo slumps back against the wall of his tiny chamber. "I never thought anyone could find all the keys... or get to this place. You are truly powerful to have defeated me. Perhaps... perhaps you can bring peace to this place after all. Seek Erick, in the tunnels above... he went mad when they sealed this place, but he may still have the power to break free... if... if..." The Archmagus trails off, his eyes staring blindly past you, and he stops moving.
Guardian of Fire MagicGuardian of Fire Magic
Location: Mountain Fortress (View Map).
Level: 40.
Hit Points: 320.
Special: drain, fire blast.
Loot: Firedrop Staff, 500 xp, 500 np..

Beginning Speech: The Guardian of Fire Magic turns to face you, flames roiling off its skin as it raises its arms and prepares to strike!

Defeated Speech: The Guardian of Fire Magic begins to change colour, from red, to orange, and yellow, getting hotter and hotter with each change. Suddenly the Guardian explodes upward into an enormous pillar of flame, shooting into the sky. Your hair is singed as you are hurled backward by the explosion, tumbling through the sand and fetching up against a large rock embedded in the ground. A few moments later, the pillar vanishes, replaced by a cloud of thick, drifting smoke. You make your way back over to where the Guardian was, and see a flame-coloured staff lying on the ground.
Guardian of Ice MagicGuardian of Ice Magic
Location: Mountain Fortress (View Map).
Level: 40.
Hit Points: 320.
Special: drain, ice blast.
Loot: Iceheart staff, 500 xp, 500 np..

Beginning speech: The Guardian of Ice Magic emits a breath of chilled air as it readies itself to fight!

Defeated speech: The Guardian of Ice Magic stops moving suddenly, as tiny hairline cracks begin to spiderweb through its body. A few pieces of ice crack and fall from the Guardian, and suddenly it shatters entirely, exploding pieces of ice all over the floor. The ice melts rapidly, forming a pool of chilled water, in the center of which lies a cobalt-blue staff.
Guardian of Shock MagicGuardian of Shock Magic
Location: Mountai Fortress (View Map).
Level: 40.
Hit Points: 320.
Special: drain, stun.
Loot: Thunderstar staff, 500xp, 500np..

Beginning speech: The Guardian of Shock Magic advances toward you, sparks of electricity arcing from one hand to the other!

Defeated speech: The Guardian of Shock Magic begins emitting bolts of electricity in all directions, vibrating furiously. Scorch marks appear on the walls where the bolts strike them; you barely dodge behind a pillar as the Guardian explodes in a shower of sparks, electrifying the air -- you feel your hair rise from the static charge, which slowly dissipates. Looking around, you see that where the Guardian stood, there lies now an amber-coloured staff.
Guardian of Spectral MagicGuardian of Spectral Magic
Location: Mountain Fortress (View Map).
Level: 40.
Hit Points: 320.
Special: drain, disable (lower defence)..
Loot: Shadowgem Staff, 500 xp, 500 np..

Beginning speech: The Guardian of Spectral Magic glides toward you, radiating a rainbow of blinding light from its entire body!

Defeated Speech: The Guardian of Spectral Magic begins emitting intense beams of white light from its body, holes forming where the beams emerge. You shield your eyes as the blinding beams pass over you, and suddenly the Guardian explodes in a trembling rush of light and energy. After a few minutes, you are able to see again, but purple bars and spots still cloud your vision. However, on the floor in front of you, you see a bone-coloured staff lying on the ground where the Guardian once stood.
Guardian of Life MagicGuardian of Life Magic
Location: Mountain Fortress (View Map).
Level: 40.
Hit Points: 450.
Special: drain, heal.
Loot: Moonstone staff, 500xp, 500np..

Beginning speech: The Guardian of Life Magic flexes its muscular, rock-carved arms as you approach.

Defeated Speech: The Guardian of Life Magic trembles as the leaves and vines entwining its body begin to wither and die. Bits of rock and dirt and soil fall away, and as the plantlife holding the Guardian together disappears, the earth making up its body begins to crumble and collapse. After a few moments, the Guardian is nothing more than a pile of rock, dirt, and dead leaves lying on the ground. Sticking up out of the mound is an emerald-coloured staff.
Location: Kal Panning (View Map).
Level: 45.
Hit Points: 500.
Special: heal over 100 HP stun 3 rounds..
Loot: Key to the Two Rings, Spirit Healing potion, 1500 xp, 1500 np..

Note: Faelinn will be defeated if you show Rollay's medalion (after polishing it at Sunny City) during the battle (it's an additional option). You will still gain the same reward regardless of how you defeated her.

Beginning Speech: Faleinn shrieks a wordless howl at you and attacks!

Defeated Speech: Faleinn whines with anger, fear, and hatred, as she falls to the ground, apparently dead. Suddenly you hear shrieks coming from all around you, and you spin around to see hundreds of the undead citizens of Kal Panning keel over, their spirits departing their bodies. All around you, there is a rushing of wind, and a soft glow begins to emit from Faleinn's body; and suddenly Faleinn reappears, a translucent specter of her former self, floating in the air above her corpse. You also notice that the decay and despair which enveloped the city has lifted like a fog.
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Location: Two Rings Castle - Level 3 (View Map).
Level: 50.
Hit Points: 700.
Special: drain 100 HP, heal 150 HP, fire blast 90 HP, ice blast 90 HP, shock/stun damage 70 HP, stun 3 rounds..
Loot: 5000 xp, 5000 np, Broze NeoQuest Trophy..

Beginning Speech: Jahbal regards you with cold eyes of fury as you approach him. "You have thwarted my plans long enough!" he shouts.

Final Speech: Jahbal is hurled off the balcony by your blast!
Location: Two Rings Castle, Level 3, Evil Difficulty, after you fight Jahbal. (View Map).
Level: 50.
Hit Points: 1000.
Special: drain 50 HP (may delay a round before happening, lasts 1-3 rounds), fire blast 120 HP, ice blast 120 HP..
Loot: 7500 xp, 7500 np, Silver NeoQuest Trophy..

Beginning Speech: Mastermind steps out from behind a secret door and glares at you. "I never thought that you would defeat my puppet, Jahbal, but it seems you have. You will not foil my plan to conquer the world, you fool!"

Victory Speech: Mastermind says, "Though you have foiled my plans, you are now defeated. I must start again, but I have eternity to work with..." (note: if you lose to Mastermind on Evil, you have to start the game over)

Defeated speech: Mastermind is blasted into oblivion!
Xantan RebornXantan Reborn
Location: Two Rings Castle - Level 3, Insane Difficulty, after you defeat Mastermind. (View Map).
Level: 50.
Hit Points: 1000.
Special: none (50 damage blast is expected)..
Loot: 10000 xp, 10000 np, Gold NeoQuest Trophy..

Beginning speech: Xantan Reborn appears in a blinding flash of light! "You've defeated those fools who thought they could overthrow me. And even I was defeated once, [your pets name]. THAT SHALL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN! EN GARDE!"

Defeated Speech: Xantan Reborn shrieks horribly as he is defeated! "No! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"