NeoQuest: Non-Player Characters

Non-Player characters are those characters that you can't play as - they mainly talk or trade with you, or give quests.

NPC NameDescriptionAbilities
Neopia City / Training Grounds (wilderness)
Eleus BatrinWeapon smith in Neopia City, sells wands and tells storiestalk trade quest weapons
Choras TillieAdvanced armor smith; get your armor upgradetrade quest armor
Lummock SendentWho needs a basic wand, anyway?trade weapons
Morax DorangisApprentice armor smith; basic armor onlytrade armor
Dank Cave Level 2 (wilderness)
RiktiIt's Xantan-cast-a-spell-on-me story time!talk quest
Jungle Ruins - Basement Level 1 (wilderness)
MargorethRuins of ancient power, you say?talk
Jungle Ruins - Gors Level (wilderness)
TylixThe studenttalk
Jungle Ruins - Basement Level 3 (wilderness)
Jungle Ruins - Tower Level 1 (town)
DenethrirCrafts wands and shares stories about trade quest weapons
Jungle Ruins - Tower Level 5 (town)
KorabricConclusion of the Jungle Ruins storytalk quest
Swamp (wilderness)
MoktiDo some monster hunting, get some quest
LeirobasFetch what he wants, and he'll give you an old trade armor
Temple Of Roo - Level 1 (wilderness)
ErickIntroduction to the Temple of Roo and a stafftalk trade quest weapons
Techo Cave 1 (wilderness)
Mr. IrgoAlmost final set of armor at stake heretalk trade armor
Neopia S/SE (wilderness)
Gali YojEleus Batrin's former teacher outlines your final questtalk quest
Kal Panning (wilderness)
Faleinn's ghostThe story of Jahbal quest
Two Rings (wilderness)
Two Rings GatekeeperLast NPC in gametalk

Talk Sells Armor
Trade Sells Potions
Joins your Party Sells Weapons
Rest (inn) Quest or Interesting