NeoQuest II: Non-Player Characters

Non-Player characters are those characters that you can't play as - they mainly talk or trade with you, or give quests.

Meridell | Terror Mountain | Lost Desert | Haunted Woods | Faerieland

NPC NameDescriptionAbilities
Chia Oscuro (town)
YnharJust another
StolfrJust another
AunollNQII was released in a hurrytalk
LveydiJust another
UllistlA free inn... sort of rest
GirjorJust another
ThaddeusLook, he makes sense!talk quest
JarasthHmm... goodies to sell!talk trade armor weapons potions
SthoraAnd your quest here quest
Moutainside Inn (Level 1) (town)
FariaJust another NPCtalk
EvyasJust another
OrsingJust another
MunarThe Inn-keeper (200 gp per night)talk rest
BorhalWhere are his manners?talk trade potions
Talinia"Captain!"talk join
Mountainside Inn (Level 2) (town)
HjalaJust another
IllunAdventurer, yeah, right!talk
Wunarka"A shortcut is the longest distance between two points"talk
EridinHe's writing a story!talk
Happy Valley (town)
JualieTalk to her first!talk quest
NiachaBring the lost boy home!talk quest
HausaunLikes the
EtigandAn admirer!talk
CandarNot a quest, just something quest
FentasaLoves to
JemicoJust another
MadysAdvertising, advertising,
VannePotions trade potions
TinorylInnkeeper (225 gp per night, discounted)talk rest
EviexaJust another
ZarisavGives you a sense of purposetalk
HenagoJust another
BradroJust another NPCtalk
DembrindJust another
ArissoWeapons Merchanttalk trade weapons
UtolokArmor smithtalk trade armor
PanariJust another
KoliJust another NPCtalk
Adventurers' Camp (town)
AlldenA conviniently located free rest
FiveQuite the optimist, isn't she?talk
ThugdaThe troubled
Lost Caves (Level 4) (wilderness)
The Snowager"You are a program?" asked quest

Talk Sells Armor
Trade Sells Potions
Joins your Party Sells Weapons
Rest (inn) Quest or Interesting