NeoQuest II: Non-Player Characters

Non-Player characters are those characters that you can't play as - they mainly talk or trade with you, or give quests.

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Seaside (View Map) (Act 2)
100np Inn
Abilities: talk, rest
Berig says, "Ahoy! Ye be a scurvy scalawag if I've ever seen one. What be ye wantin'? A night in me quaint, rustic bed and breakfast? The fee be 125 pieces o' gold... I know it be soundin' high, but there been at least a twenty-two percent drop in tourism in recent weeks. Avast."
You say, "What can you tell me about this town?"
Berig says, "Yar, well, this be the tranquil seaside hamlet of Seaside. Our main imports be grain and iron; our main exports be fish and wood. We be the third most populous town in Meridell, although we be havin' the lowest average family size. Would ye like to know more?"
You say, "Uh... sure."
Berig says, "Avast, I can tell by the look in yer eyes that ye just be humorin' me. Well, not everyone can be as interested in statistics as I be. Well, shove off, ye scurvy... whatever ye are! Or rather... Arrr!" Berig makes vaguely threatening gestures at you."
You say, "What do you know about the troubles at the castle?"
Berig says, "Yar, ye talked to Delkon yet? He be knowin' the most about them things. Though they be affectin' us all. Why, before the troubles began, Seaside had the second lowest crime rate of any town in Meridell, but now we be hovering somewhere around number three or four." He pauses. "Arrr."
You say, "I'd like to rent a room for the night."
Berig says, "Aye, well, ye kin take the room on the right, as that be the guest room. Yar."