NeoQuest II: Non-Player Characters

Non-Player characters are those characters that you can't play as - they mainly talk or trade with you, or give quests.

Meridell | Terror Mountain | Lost Desert | Haunted Woods | Faerieland

Guard ThyetGuard Thyet
Meridell Castle (View Map) (Act 2)
The Free Castle Inn
Abilities: talk, rest
Guard Thyet rubs his eyes. "Oh, I can't believe it! You've defeated Ramtor! Or at least, gotten him away from the castle. I guess his spell was broken when he fled. I hope you can truly defeat him, once and for all, though. At any rate, if you wish, you are welcome to use any of the castle's empty bedrooms to rest for the night. No fee, of course."
You say, "I'd like to rest for the night."
Guard Thyet says, "You'll find the rooms in the southwestern area of the castle. Have a good rest!"
You rest for the night, and wake up refreshed and healthy!