NeoQuest: Non-Player Characters

Non-Player characters are those characters that you can't play as - they mainly talk or trade with you, or give quests.

Eleus BatrinEleus Batrin
Neopia City / Training Grounds
Weapon smith in Neopia City, sells wands and tells stories
Abilities: talk, trade (weapons), quest
You say, "What do you do here?"
Eleus Batrin says, "I'm the weaponsmith here in Neopia City. I can make a variety of rod-type weapons, one from each of the five Spheres of Magic. I also know a fair bit about Neopia City and its surrounding environs"
You say, "What else do you know?"
Eleus Batrin says, "Neopia isn't a very friendly place these days. A lot of vicious and aggressive monsters, creatures, and animals roam the world. To the east is a bowl-shaped valley where weak monsters roam. It is a good area to get used to navigation and combat. To the north, west, and south are the great Plains of Neopia, flat grassland where other monsters roam, but they are not very powerful either. To the northwest are the Hills of Jub, and beyond that is the North Coast and the Great Northern Ocean. Also, to the south, is a stand of trees we simply call the Grove, and beyond it, is the Grarrl Peninsula that juts into the Summer Sea. I ought to mention, the farther you go from Neopia City, the more powerful the monsters and animals will become."
You say, "Who is Xantan?"
Eleus Batrin says, "Xantan was an ancient and powerful wizard who lived a thousand years ago. He was the leader of a group called the Circle of Twelve, wizards who ruled an empire that, at the time, covered most of the known world. There isn't much information about him, but what is known is this: Xantan was betrayed by the other wizards in the Circle, and they stripped him of his powers and exiled him to the wilderness. Somehow, he ended up in what is now known as the Dank Cave. Now he resides there, at the bottom of that dungeon, rotting and decrepit. Occasionally, adventurers investigate his lair, but none return. You must obtain his ring, which he wears at all times."
You say, "I have defeated Xantan."
Eleus Batrin says, "You did it! You defeated Xantan! Remarkable... not to disparage your own abilities, but Xantan must have truly lost a great deal of power if an adventurer such as yourself can defeat him. And I see you have his ring, the focus of his power. With it I can craft some advanced magic weapons."
"Now that you've defeated Xantan, I think it might be wise for you to journey south, to the Grarrl Peninsula. There are some ancient ruins there, and not long ago an expedition went out to investigate them, but we have not heard from them in some time. Perhaps you could investigate and see what you can find?"
You say, "What can you tell me about this medallion I found in the Jungle Ruins?"
Eleus Batrin says, "This is interesting, very interesting... I can tell you straight away that I can't translate the inscription on this medallion. The characters do look familiar, though. Maybe... there might be someone who can help. You should take this to Gali Yoj; she was my teacher, long ago. Last I heard, she was living far to the south, though, in a place called Sunny Town. I don't really know where it is, but I know that to get there you need to head west past the Spooky Forest, and then south through the Great Swamp. From there, you'll have to ask directions."