NeoQuest: Non-Player Characters

Non-Player characters are those characters that you can't play as - they mainly talk or trade with you, or give quests.

Jungle Ruins - Basement Level 3 (View Map)
Grumpy, grumpy.
Abilities: talk
Pomanna says, "What do you want?!"
You say, "Who are you?"
Pomanna says, "Who am I? Who am I, that's a good question. Not like you really care. I'm Pomanna, what's it to you?"
You say, "What are you doing down here?"
Pomanna says, "Minding my own business! Maybe that's what you should be doing. Of course with all these lizards around, you got to keep your eyes open."
You say, "What do you know about the lizards?"
Pomanna says, "They scrounge around, out in the caves. I don't know where they come from, but there always seem to be more and more of them... on the other side of the lake, I once thought I saw a lizard that looked like a man. But that's crazy... just like that old lunatic Korabric who I met once."
You say, "Who is Korabric?"
Pomanna says, "He's an old man... I only met him once, when I first found this wretched place. Pah! He said he knew the secrets of this place, why it was like this, but that he was powerless to stop it. The old fool."
You say, "I have defeated the lizard Rollay."
Pomanna says, "You have?! Oh my... he was a scary one, that giant lizard-man... But one time, I heard him talking to his other lizard friends... he said something about `the lake producing more of us'... He was probably crazy, too! But there was that one time..."
You say, "What one time?"
Pomanna says, "What one time?! What do you mean, `What one time?'?! The time that the lake out there turned green and hundreds of lizard-men came swimming out of it. How could I forget that? Thankfully, they didn't come in here... but that was incredibly frightening! I wish Korabric was here..."
You say, "Why do you want Korabric? I thought you said he was a fool."
Pomanna says, "Well... he is a fool, but he did seem to know what he was talking about. When he wasn't talking crazy, that is. He said that this place used to be a research center, and they created new creatures here... but something happened, something terrible. One of the researchers went mad and created all sorts of monsters, and they took over this place. But here's the crazy part. Korabric said that HE was one of the original researchers, and when the mad one was wreaking havoc, Korabric locked himself in his study on the top floor and put himself into a magical sleep for thousands of years. I told you it was crazy!"
Pomanna takes a deep breath and closes her eyes for a moment, then opens them. "I do wish he would come back. He could get me out of here."