NeoQuest: Non-Player Characters

Non-Player characters are those characters that you can't play as - they mainly talk or trade with you, or give quests.

Jungle Ruins - Gors Level (View Map)
The student
Abilities: talk
Tylix says, "Ah! You look like a reasonable person. Perhaps we can talk."
You say, "Who are you?"
Tylix says, "I am Tylix. I was a student of Margoreth... but I haven't seen her in some time. I think she's somewhere else in this accursed dungeon. I myself have been trapped in this... well I guess it's a classroom."
You say, "What kind of classroom is this?"
Tylix says, "It's hard to say... there isn't much in here aside from the table and chairs. I found a few dusty old books, though... biology texts. I'm not much of a scholar yet, I'm still learning... but I was able to make out a few words. The books talked about `experimenting' and `new kinds.' I get the impression they were creating new creatures here, though I haven't found where they might have done that -- everything I've seen down here has been old classrooms, except for the garden outside that corridor."
You say, "There's a garden here? But we're underground."
Tylix says, "That's what I thought when I saw it. Yes, it's an underground garden, right outside the hall. Grass, plants, ponds, walkways... it's amazing. I don't know how they got all those plants to grow, and keep growing for all this time, without sunlight! That would be amazing to learn, wouldn't it? There might be something in the big hall beyond the garden, but I'm a bit frightened to go over there."
You say, "Why are you frightened?"
Tylix says, "I've heard some... strange sounds coming out of there. Ever since that I haven't left this classroom. I even once glimpsed a... monster. I mean a REAL monster, who makes these knights and pygmies running around look like nothing. He was huge, and wielding a great glowing staff."
{after defeating gors}
You say, "I have defeated the giant Gors."
Tylix says, "You defeated that brute? Excellent. Maybe now I can find a way out of here. Assuming these warriors and pygmies get out of the way. There always seem to be more and more of them roaming about."
You say, "More of them?"
Tylix says, "Yes, more. Every day I've been down here, their numbers have increased. It's a miracle they haven't found me yet. I don't know where they're all coming from, though I overheard one of them talking once. He said something about `the lake' and `growing new ones', but I've never seen any lake down here... though if they can keep plants alive for hundreds of years with no sunlight, I've no doubt they could make an underground lake if they had to!"