NeoQuest II: Non-Player Characters

Non-Player characters are those characters that you can't play as - they mainly talk or trade with you, or give quests.

Meridell | Terror Mountain | Lost Desert | Haunted Woods | Faerieland

Lakeside (View Map) (Act 2)
The Inn-keeper
Abilities: talk, rest
Fudra says, "Greetings and salutations! Welcome to the Weary Rest, the only inn in these parts. I've only got a couple of rooms, but one's empty, if you're interested. It's 100 gold pieces per night."
You say, "What can you tell me about this town?"
Fudra says, "I've lived here all my life, in Lakeside. It's a nice, peaceful town. Thankfully the dense forest helps keep some of the worst beasts away from the town. And you can be sure we keep the torches burning all night. You might want to go talk to the elders, who convene in the large meeting hall at the north end of town."
You say, "What do you know about the nearby area?"
Fudra says, "The Eye of Meridell, that's the name for these parts. Comes from the eye-like shape of the lake, and the forest and mountains around it. I've never gone beyond the edge of the Eye, myself, not that I'd want to these days, what with all the beasts and monsters roaming the countryside. But if you leave the Eye and head southeast, you'll hit a huge desert known as the Trackless Wastes. I wouldn't recommend going there; there's no water for miles, and you can get easily lost."