NeoQuest II: Non-Player Characters

Non-Player characters are those characters that you can't play as - they mainly talk or trade with you, or give quests.

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White River City (View Map) (Act 2)
Welcome to White River City
Abilities: talk, quest
Jeltharo says, "Welcome to White River. Normally I would extend every courtesy and hospitality to you that our humble town could afford, but ever since the problem with the bridge, the whole town's been in an uproar."
You say, "What problem?"
Jeltharo says, "Well, everything was fine, until one day a few weeks ago. The town was going about its business as usual, when suddenly there was a crack of thunder -- from a cloudless sky, no less! -- and a wizard appeared out of thin air. He claimed that he would 'rule all these lands,' and then cast a spell at the bridge. The bridge magically lifted itself up, and despite all our efforts, we've been unable to force it back down. Now nobody can cross the river!"
You say, "Who was the wizard?"
Jeltharo says, "The wizard was an elephante, dressed in robes, and with a mad gleam in his eyes. He frightened the wits out of me, I must say. After he cast that spell upon the bridge, he cackled maniacally and then disappeared into thin air. I've no idea where to find him, though, or how to make him reverse the spell."
You say, "What can you tell me about this town?"
Jeltharo says, "White River was founded ages ago, before recorded time. It was built at the narrowest point along the White River itself, to make passage to the Northern Marches easier. Naturally, a town grew up here. Most of the citizens are either minor wizards or merchants, dealing in trade with other cities in Meridell."
(defeat Zombom and:)
Jeltharo says, "Oh, thank you so much for defeating that terrible wizard! Now the bridge is working again, and life around here will get back to normal. If you have any questions about the town, just let me know."
You say, "Tell me about the lands to the south."

Jeltharo says, "The lands to the south are vast, and mostly uninhabited, until you reach the Eye of Meridell. It's actually just an ancient lake surrounded by a ring of mountains and forest. There's a city on the edge of the lake, though I've never been there myself. But there's a great deal of land between here and there, including lots of hills and swamps. I'd be careful going out there, if I were you."