NeoQuest II: Bosses

Boss or Unique monsters are found in the lists below. They're split up by chapters - just click on the chapter in the navigation bar below to view its bosses.

NQ2 "Boss" monsters do not have a fixed experience boost - hence you might get a different result than show below. This is not a mistake in the guide. This information, if recorded, is based on personal expirience - you might get a different bonus for defeating the boss.

Victory Speech is said when the boss defeats you, Defeat speech is said when you defeat the boss.

Meridell | Terror Mountain | Lost Desert | Haunted Woods | Faerieland

ImageBoss Information
The Miner ForemanThe Miner Foreman
Location: Dark Cave / Gold Mine (View Map).
Hit Points: 50 (62 on evil; 75 on insane).
Special: none.
Loot: 1 armor / weapon, 100 NP..

Opening Speech: The miner foreman says, "These halls were not meant for the living... so we'll have to make sure you aren't living any more!"

Flee Speech: The miner foreman shouts after you, "You can't escape forever, coward! There's no place to run!"

Victory Speech: "You should never have come down here, foolish mortal! This place was abandoned for good reason!"

Defeat Speech: The miner foreman screams, "Noooooo..." as he fades into nothingness. Suddenly, the oppressive darkness of the mine relents, and everything becomes a bit brighter. The ghosts and skeletons infesting the mine have all vanished, released from their torment by the death of the foreman! Behind where the foreman stood, you see a magic teleportation orb. It looks like it will send you back to the entrance of the mines.
Location: Mysterious Tower (4th floor) (View Map).
Hit Points: 120 (150 on evil; 180 on insane).
Special: Decimate (31 damage), Zeal (18%), Aid (40 HP heal).
Loot: 1 armor/weapon for Rohane, 200np, 300xp, 150gp.

Opening Speech: Zombom says, "I've been expecting you for some time. But now, you will die!"

Flee Speech: Zombom shouts after you, "This tower is under my control, fool! You shall not escape!"

Victory Speech: Zombom cackles. "Heh heh. Just as I planned. Goodbye, you fool," he says, as you black out.

Defeat Speech: Zombom emits a mighty roar of pain, and falls to one knee. "I never... never should have..." he gasps. "Adelan... I betrayed... my master... unhappy about this... aghh..." He slumps to the ground, dead. All around you, skeleton warriors crumble into dust, and the ghostly spirits evaporate away. The tower is still ruined, but it is no longer haunted. Behind where Zombom lies, you see a magical teleporter.
Sand GrundoSand Grundo
Location: Phorofor (the lost city) (View Map).
Hit Points: 130 (162 on evil; 195 on insane).
Special: Critical Attacks.
Loot: 1 armor / weapon - either for Mipsy or Rohane..

Doesn't say anything.
Location: Meridell Castle and Ramtor's Tower (Tower) (View Map).
Hit Points: 200 (250 on evil; 300 on insane).
Special: Zeal (18% haste), Liquefy (up to 50 damage), Repair (70HP heal), Entice (mesmerize).
Loot: 1 weapon/armor, 500 NP..

Opening speech (Castle): Ramtor says, "So, I have a challenger for the throne, eh? Others have fallen before me. Let's see how you fare!"
Flee Speech (Castle): As you flee, Ramtor shouts after you, "I am the new King of Meridell, and you will bow before me sooner or later!"
Defeat speech (Castle): Ramtor grunts as he is struck, his eyes burning with hatred. "So, it seems you are more formidable opponents than I thought! Well, I think I shall take my leave now, for I must have time to prepare for our next encounter. Farewell, foolish enemy, but not for the last time: when we next meet, I shall destroy you!" Ramtor takes a step back, waves his hand, and there is a blinding flash of light accompanied by a thunderous sound. When your vision clears, Ramtor is gone. All around you, the other people in the castle seem to be blinking with astonishment, as if they've woken from a long dream.

Opening speech (Tower): Ramtor says, "You won't be so lucky this time!"
Flee speech (Tower): As you flee, Ramtor shouts after you, "You see? None can stand before my might!"

Note: on first encounter in the castle, Ramtor "flees" when his HP is down to 100. After that, you'll have to find him in Ramtor's Tower to defeat him. He doesn't appear to use all his attacks in the Castle.