NeoQuest II: Bosses

Boss or Unique monsters are found in the lists below. They're split up by chapters - just click on the chapter in the navigation bar below to view its bosses.

NQ2 "Boss" monsters do not have a fixed experience boost - hence you might get a different result than show below. This is not a mistake in the guide. This information, if recorded, is based on personal expirience - you might get a different bonus for defeating the boss.

Victory Speech is said when the boss defeats you, Defeat speech is said when you defeat the boss.

Meridell | Terror Mountain | Lost Desert | Haunted Woods | Faerieland

ImageBoss Information
Location: Dirty, Smelly Cave (View Map).
Hit Points: 150 (187 on evil; 225 on insane).
Special: Resists magic (especially if you're underleveled).
Loot: Wordstone (enables talking to chias!), a weapon/armor for either Mipsy or Rohane, 500np.

Opening Speech: The Leximp shouts, "Hey! You get out of here! I stole the wordstone fair and square! Those dumb chias don't even know how to read. It's mine! Mine, I tell you!"

Flee Speech: The Leximp shouts, "Yeah, that's right, get out, you stupid jerks! You probably don't know how to read either!" as you flee from him

Victory Speech: The Leximp laughs. "Ha! I knew you couldn't beat me. Now I can go back to reading my book."

Defeat Speech: The Leximp screams and slumps to the floor of the cave. "Aaaghh... It's not fair! Unh... I deserve the wordstone... more... than..." He stops talking and moving. You see the wordstone on the cave floor behind him, and pick it up.
Location: Eastern Pass (Sector 2) (View Map).
Hit Points: 225 (281 on evil; 337 on insane).
Special: Quick Feet (28% haste), Critical Hit, Dormancy (44% slow).
Loot: 2 armor/weapon items.

Opening Speech: Kolvars's feet clack against rocks in the snow as he rushes toward you, his fangs glistening in the sun. He emits a wordless shriek as he attacks!

Flee Speech: Kolvars clacks his pincers together in frustration as you run away.

Victory Speech: Kolvars descends upon you, his fangs dripping with saliva, as your vision blacks out...

Defeat Speech: Kolvars emits one last cry as he is struck, and collapses into the snow, unmoving. The mountain path is now clear, and you can see the town of Happy Valley in the distance.
Location: Mountain Top (View Map).
Hit Points: 400 (500 on evil; 600 on insane).
Special: Indefference (32% slow), Cyclone (36 group damage).
Loot: 1000 gold pieces, 3 armor/weapon items, 1000 np.

Opening Speech: Scuzzy growls at you as you approach. "You no be letting Snowager go! Me be crushing you first!" He roars and attacks!

Flee Speech: Scuzzy shakes his furry arms at you as you run off. "You no be comin' back, or me be squashin' you flat!"

(no victory speech - just "defeated" message, and the cutscene)