NeoQuest II: Bosses

Boss or Unique monsters are found in the lists below. They're split up by chapters - just click on the chapter in the navigation bar below to view its bosses.

NQ2 "Boss" monsters do not have a fixed experience boost - hence you might get a different result than show below. This is not a mistake in the guide. This information, if recorded, is based on personal expirience - you might get a different bonus for defeating the boss.

Victory Speech is said when the boss defeats you, Defeat speech is said when you defeat the boss.

Meridell | Terror Mountain | Lost Desert | Haunted Woods | Faerieland

ImageBoss Information
Location: Temple of the Sky, Level 2 (View Map).
Hit Points: 500 (625 on evil; 750 on insane).
Special: Rampant Acceleration (38% Haste), Infestation (44 group damage), Dormancy (44% slow). Immune to Mipsy's slow.
Loot: Celestial Talisman, 2 weapon/armor items, 600 neopoints.

Opening Speech: Siliclast, a stout rock golem, looks at you balefully as you approach. He says nothing, but a deep rumbling sound emanates from him as he prepares to strike!

Flee Speech: Siliclast stares after you, unmoving, as you flee!

Victory Speech: Siliclast's eyes dim a little as you fall to the ground. He says nothing, but stares at you, motionless, as darkness takes you...

Defeat Speech: Siliclast shudders, and after a moment pieces of his stone body start flaking off. Seconds later, he begins to rumble even louder, and larger pieces crumble to the ground. After a few seconds he is nothing more than a pile of rubble. In the middle of the pile, you see a dull gleam -- the Celestial Talisman!
Gebarn IIGebarn II
Location: Ruined Temple, Level 4 (View Map).
Hit Points: 350 (437 on evil; 525 on insane).
Special: Contagion (52 group damage), Hibernation (53% slow), Restore (Heal 100hp), Destroy (77 direct damage).
Loot: 2 weapon/armor items, upper part of the Medallion of Wind, 700 neopoints.

Opening Speech: Gebarn II, an ancient undead pharaoh, stands before you, a powerful reanimation of his former self. "I have been charged with protecting the Medallion of Wind from you!" he shouts. "And I will not falter in my duty!" He attacks!

Flee Speech: Gebarn shouts, "The Medallion will remain safely mine, forever! Flee, and do not return, cowards!"

Victory Speech: Gebarn nods, satisfied, as you collapse to the floor. "I have done my duty, and will do so, evermore..."

Defeat Speech: Gebarn roars in anguish. "You don't know what you've done!" he gasps. "The Medallion must not be... it must not be reunited!" Suddenly, powerful blasts of energy emit from his body in all directions, shaking the ruined temple and raining debris everywhere. You dive for cover, and Gebarn's body explodes in a tremendous conflagration. The ground shakes, like a great earthquake. After a minute, though, it ends, and the room is silent. Lying on the floor where Gebarn stood, you now see a piece of bronze metal, glinting in the fading light.
Location: Palace of Ancient Kings, Level 2 (View Map).
Hit Points: 600 (750 on evil; 900 on insane).
Special: Mitigation (group heal 60hp), 38% haste, shockwave, Spellbind (mesmerize), Infestation (44 group damage). Immune to Talinia's slowing strike.
Loot: 2 armor/weapon items, 750 neopoints.

Note: He's coupled with two possessed skeletons (180 hp each). They'll die automatically if he's defeated, though (it may or may not make sense to not attack them at all).

Opening Speech: You see a decaying, mummified figure before you--but despite its state, it appears fierce and powerful. Its mouth is covered by rotting cloth, but it makes a ghastly moaning sound as it moves to attack!

Flee speech: The Revenant waves its arms in frustration as you flee from the fight!

Defeat Speech: The Revenant shudders and falls to its knees as the final blow lands. A thin keening sound emits from its lifeless husk as it collapses to the ground. Behind it, you see two passages--one that leads to a glowing orb, and another that leads to a calm, but somewhat disheveled young woman.
Coltzan's ghostColtzan's ghost
Location: Ruined city of Akhten-Ka (View Map).
Hit Points: 750 (937 on evil; 1125 on insane).
Special: Rampant Acceleration (38% haste), Renew (150 hp heal).
Loot: 2 weapon/armor items, 800 neopoints (and a piece of the Medallion, although it doesn't "fall out" of him).

Opening Speech: Coltzan's ghost looks at you sadly. "It is not my will--but you must die!" He attacks!

Flee Speech: Coltzan does not follow as you flee. "I suppose we must continue this later. I will wait."

Defeated Speech: Coltzan's ghost withdraws from the fight, then suddenly he becomes more solid, more real... but still a spirit. "Thank you for releasing me from that evil grip," he says. "Come, we have much to talk about."
Location: Pyramid, Level 3 (View Map).
Hit Points: 1000 (1250 on evil; 1500 on insane).
Special: Rampant Acceleration (38% haste), Petrification (mesmerize), Protection of Infinity (+30 MR/MD), Renew (150 HP heal).
Loot: 3 weapon/armor items, 1200 neopoints.

Opening Speech: Anubits grins evilly at you as you approach. "You think to reach the Altar of Destiny? You will have to get past me first!" he shouts.

Flee Speech: Anubits says, "You will not escape! There is nowhere to run!" as you run away in terror!

(no defeat speech for final bosses)