NeoQuest II: Bosses

Boss or Unique monsters are found in the lists below. They're split up by chapters - just click on the chapter in the navigation bar below to view its bosses.

NQ2 "Boss" monsters do not have a fixed experience boost - hence you might get a different result than show below. This is not a mistake in the guide. This information, if recorded, is based on personal expirience - you might get a different bonus for defeating the boss.

Victory Speech is said when the boss defeats you, Defeat speech is said when you defeat the boss.

Meridell | Terror Mountain | Lost Desert | Haunted Woods | Faerieland

ImageBoss Information
Location: Von Roo's Castle (View Map).
Hit Points: 1000 (1250 on evil; 1500 on insane).
Special: Rampant Acceleration (38% haste), Infestation (44 group damage), Petrification (62% slow).
Loot: 2 weapon/armor items, 850 NP.

Opening Speech: Meuka, his green ooze dripping on the floor, says, "Von Roo is my plaything now! You will not save him!" He flings droplets of smelly goo at you as he attacks!

Flee Speech: Meuka laughs and spits more goo at you as you run away. "Ha ha ha, you're no better than pond scum!"

Defeat Speech: Meuka explodes into a shower of sickening green goo as the last strike lands. You spend a few minutes wiping his remains off yourself... and the floor... and the walls... and the ceiling. Count von Roo, who managed to avoid getting drenched, raises an eyebrow at you as you approach him.
Spider GrundoSpider Grundo
Location: Cave of Dark Things (View Map).
Hit Points: 1200 (1500 on evil; 1800 on insane).
Special: Renew (150 heal), Wall of Chaos (Damage Shield, 22 damage), Immune to Rohane's stunning strike, Celestial Hammer (45dmg, 3s stun).
Loot: 2 weapon/armor items, 900 NP.

Opening Speech: Spider Grundo clicks his pincers at you as you approach him!

Flee Speech: Spider Grundo laughs as you flee.

Defeated Speech: Spider Grundo is flung against the far wall of the cave as the last blow hits. He looks dazed as he picks himself up, but shakes it off. However, the fire has gone out of his eyes. He tries to speak, but only incomprehensible mumbles emerge
Hubrid NoxHubrid Nox
Location: Hubrid Nox's Fortress, Level 9 (View Map).
Hit Points: 1500 (1875 on evil; 2250 on insane).
Special: Renew (heal 150hp), Rampant Acceleration (38% haste), 62% slow, Oblitirate (100dmg to one char), Critical Attacks, Slowing Strikes (5% slow / hit).
Loot: 3000 gold, 1000 np, and 2 weapon/armor items.

Opening Speech: Hubrid Nox narrows his eyes when he sees you. His mouth twists into a snarl, and he attacks!

Flee Speech: Hubrid Nox cackles as you flee in terror.

Victory Speech: Hubrid Nox relaxes as you fall to the ground in pain. "I am undefeatable in my fortress!" he says, as the blackness takes you...

Defeated Speech: Hubrid Nox is forced to one knee by the final strike. He struggles for a moment, then stands up, unsteady. His expression has changed, now, and he lowers his hands, no longer intent on attacking.
Dark FaerieDark Faerie
Location: Balthazar's Grove (View Map).
Hit Points: 750 (937 on evil; 1125 on insane).
Special: Mesmerization (Spellbind), Rampant Acceleration (38% group haste), Petrification (62% slow).
Loot: 1000NP, 2500GP, 3 weapon/armor items.

(you fight all four at once)
Opening speech: The Faeries gaze at you as you approach. You shout, "Zhadramekel!" and the Faeries start screaming in terror, as if burned. Suddenly, they each grow to twenty times their normal size. They're now as big as you are... and they're attacking!

Flee speech: The Faeries shrink back down to their normal size as you run away. "Balthazar is ours!" they scream in unison.

Victory speech: The faeries shrink back to their normal size. "You were a fool to try and defeat us!"

Defeated Speech: The Faeries each shrink to their normal size as they die, and suddenly their tiny bodies all vanish in an eyeblink. Balthazar shakes his head and sniffs the air, as the trees around you begin to change and wither. Within moments, Balthazar's grove has become its normal, evil self, no longer enchanted by happiness.
Fire FaerieFire Faerie
Location: Balthazar's Grove (View Map).
Hit Points: 600 (750 on evil; 900 on insane).
Special: Oblitirate (100 damage to one character), Anarchic Wind (56 group damage).
Water FaerieWater Faerie
Location: Balthazar's Grove (View Map).
Hit Points: 900 (1125 on evil; 1350 on insane).
Special: Renew (heal 150 HP), Vivification (Group Heal 78 HP). Imune to Rohane's Stunning Strikes.
Earth FaerieEarth Faerie
Location: Balthazar's Grove (View Map).
Hit Points: 1200 (1500 on evil; 1800 on insane).
Special: Critical Hits, Stunning Strikes.
The Esophagor
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The Esophagor
Location: Haunted Woods (Esophagor's Swamp) (View Map).
Hit Points: 2000 (2500 on evil; 3000 on insane).
Special: Rampant Acceleration, stun.
Loot: 500gp, 3 weapon/armor items, 1500 np.

Opening Speech: The Esophagor moans as you approach, "Yyyooouuu ssshhhooulllddd nnottt hhaavveee ccoommeee heeerre...... pprreeeppaarree ttooo ddiiiiiiiieeeeeee!"

Flee Speech: The Esophagor hurls some slime at you as you run away. "Bbeeggoonneee, ccoowwaaarrdddss!"

Victory Speech: The Esophagor begins to ooze over your bodies as you fall unconscious. You can already feel him digesting you...

(no defeated speech for act bosses)