NeoQuest II: Bosses

Boss or Unique monsters are found in the lists below. They're split up by chapters - just click on the chapter in the navigation bar below to view its bosses.

NQ2 "Boss" monsters do not have a fixed experience boost - hence you might get a different result than show below. This is not a mistake in the guide. This information, if recorded, is based on personal expirience - you might get a different bonus for defeating the boss.

Victory Speech is said when the boss defeats you, Defeat speech is said when you defeat the boss.

Meridell | Terror Mountain | Lost Desert | Haunted Woods | Faerieland

ImageBoss Information
Fallen AngelFallen Angel
Location: Faerieland (Map 2) (View Map).
Hit Points: 1200 (1500 on evil; 1800 on insane).
Special: stun, shockwave, Renew (150 HP heal), spellbind (mesmerize).
Loot: 2 weapons/armor items, 3000 gp, 1000 np.

Opening Speech: The Fallen Angel laughs, her voice a crystal note in the air. "You truly think you can get past me?" she says. "At least you will provide an interesting challenge, after all the puny faeries I've already killed since I came back to this place." She crouches, then leaps at you!

Flee Speech: The Fallen Angel soars into the air as you run away. "You can't escape that easily, fool," she calls after you. "You won't see me coming next time."

Defeated Speech: The Fallen Angel cries out in anguish as the final strike lands. Her wings shrivel and her skin turns to ash, revealing a dark, skeletal, evil form. The shape falls through a gap in the clouds and bursts into flame, finally crashing into the ocean far below. The way before you lies open now, and in the distance you see something rising through the clouds: the Bridge of Mist.
Location: Cumulonimbus (View Map).
Hit Points: 1500 (1875 on evil; 2250 on insane).
Special: Critical Hit, Shockwave, Slowing Strike (5%).
Loot: 2500gp, 1100np, 2 weapon/armor items, Neoboards Avatar: Neoquest II - Devilpuss (on the page after "You've won").

Opening speech: Devilpuss zooms around the ruins of Cumulonimbus, cackling wildly. "Being an Angelpuss was fun, I admit," he says, "but being a Devilpuss is so much more fun! Nobody expects you to be sweet all the time, nobody insists that you keep your fur all white and clean..." He turns and gives you a fiendish look. "And nobody minds if you kill a few neopets now and then..." He zooms toward you and attacks!

Flee Speech: Devilpuss flies around, chuckling. "Go on, run away. I'll be here, and we can fight again. And won't that be fun!" he says, as you flee into the ruins.

Defeated speech: Devilpuss crashes to the ground, his wings crumpled and his tail bent. "Urgh... I guess... it was fun... after all..." With that, he stops moving and is silent. The east gate of Cumulonimbus stands open before you.
The Faerie ThiefThe Faerie Thief
Location: Faerie City (3 places, see maps) (View Map).
Hit Points: 1200 (1500 on evil; 1800 on insane).
Special: stun, Astral Maelstorm (64 group damage), critical hit. Resistant to critical hits (those deal less damage).
Loot: Final Battle: 2 weapon/armor items, 1200np.

Note: The Thief flees from the first two locations when her HP lowers.

Opening Speech (1): The Faerie Thief laughs at you as you approach. "So, you want to get into the Palace and take on the King, eh? Well I've put shielding wards over the palace doors. You won't be able to enter unless you defeat me. Not that you'll be able to!" She attacks!
Flee Speech (1): The Faerie Thief shakes her head sadly. "Run, run, run away. I'll defeat you another day!"
Defeated Speech (1): The Faerie Thief leaps away, landing atop a table. She scowls at you. "So, a bit of a challenge, it seems. Well, fighting to the death was never my style. And I think I can find somewhere in this city to hide, that you won't find. So long, suckers!"
She leaps out an open window and flies away to the west, behind a nearby building.

Opening Speech (2): The Faerie Thief cracks a sardonic smile. "So, you tracked me down. Still itching for a fight? How charming. Come and get it!"
Flee Speech (2): The Faerie Thief watches you flee. "So this time you learned your lesson. Well this time, don't come back!"
Defeated Speech (2): The Faerie Thief stumbles back, up against a wall. She snarls, "You think you're tough, huh? You're never getting into that castle alive. And you're never getting the key back from me!" She flies up to the ceiling and opens a trap door, then flies out.

Opening Speech (3): The Faerie Thief watches grimly as you approach. "So, you found me again. Well, this will be your last stand--and your last battle. I'll make sure of that."
Flee Speech (3): The Faerie Thief nods as you run away. "Yes, that's it! Begone! And don't you dare attack me again!"
Defeated Speech (3): The Faerie Thief slumps over, defeated. With fading breath, she says, "I am... now... released from his grasp... I must thank you... but he will not... he will not be pleased." She grunts in pain. "The towers inside are locked tight... you will need... the keys..." She tilts to one side, and falls through a gap in the clouds, disappearing into the sea far below.
The palace doors, behind where she stood, sparkle briefly. The magic wards holding them shut seem to have dissolved.
Pant DevilPant Devil
Location: Faerie Palace: Level 3 NE and NW (View Map).
Hit Points: 2000 (2500 on evil; 3000 on insane).
Special: Astral Maelstorm (64 group damage), Petrification (62% slow), Oblitirate (100 direct damage), Rampant Acceleration (38% haste).
Loot: 5000gp, half of a silver key, 1 armor/weapon item, 1300 np.

Note: You fight this monster once in each tower. The two are absolutely identical in terms of attacks.

Opening Speech: The Pant Devil grins, wide and toothy. "Come for half the key, eh?" it says. "Then you come and try to take it! Ah hahahahaha!!" It attacks!
Flee Speech: The Pant Devil laughs as you run away. "Run away, run away, never fight another day!" it cackles at you. "Not so tough, you aren't!"
Defeated Speech: The Pant Devil chuckles a little, but then shakes violently. Suddenly it explodes, giving off a terribly loud POP noise! It vanishes, leaving a huge pile of gold on the floor.
King TeraskKing Terask
Location: Faerie Palace, Level 5 (South East) (View Map).
Hit Points: 2500 (3125 on evil; 3750 on insane).
Special: Wall of Chaos (22dmg shield), Rampant Acceleration (38% haste), Slowing Strike (5%), Celestial Hammer (45 damage, 3 sec stun), Renew (Heal 150HP), Protection of Infinity. Resists Stunning Strike (Rohane), damage.
Loot: Golden Key, 2 armor/weapon items, 1500 np, 5000 gp.

Opening Speech: King Terask watches you approach. Hatred burns in his eyes. "So, you are the puny little weaklings who have caused so much trouble. I should have known better than to let my minions try to defeat you -- I should have hunted you down myself. But now you've come right to me... and you'll never escape. Let's see what you've got." He roars, an ear-splitting noise, and rushes at you!
Defeated Speech: King Terask is knocked off-balance, and stumbles back, grunting in pain. "No... this... not supposed..." He crashes into a wall, and breaks through it, falling into the clouds below. A golden key lies on the floor where he stood. You pick it up, and notice a teleportation orb in an alcove.
King Terask (Mk. II)
(View full-size version)
King Terask (Mk. II)
Location: Faerie Palace, Level 5 (SW Tower) (View Map).
Hit Points: 5000 (6250 on evil; 7500 on insane).
Special: Can't flee from him, Spellbind (mesmerize), Astral Maelstorm (64 group damage), Renew (150 Heal), Slowing Strike (5%/hit), Wall of Chaos (22 energy shield), Rampant Acceleration (38% haste), Celestial Hammer (45 dmg, 3s stun), Petrification (62% slow), Shockwave (group stun), Protection of Infinity (+30 magic & melee defence). Resists damage.
Loot: 10000/30000/50000 NP (Normal/Evil/Insane), NeoQuest II trophy.

Opening Speech: The ground rumbles, and suddenly King Terask crashes through the ceiling! He's hideous -- twice as large as before, and with two more arms. He's transformed, mutated, bigger and more powerful. Orbs of death energy glow in his eyes. He emits a roar so loud that you're knocked to the ground. "So you thought it would be that easy?" he shouts. "You've merely unleashed my true power... a power that cannot be defeated!"
Victory Speech: King Terask bellows fiercely as you fall to the ground. "Now my domination of Faerieland will be complete! None shall stop me." He turns and smiles evilly at Queen Fyora, frozen at the end of the hall. "And as for you, my lovely little queen..."
(no defeated speech for act bosses)