NeoQuest II: Characters

As you progress through the NeoQuest II game, more characters will join your adventurer party. Should you fail to pick up the character at their "main" location, they'll be waiting for you in the next Act (you'll just have to find them — the general idea goes that they are in the first town's inn).

Rohane Mipsy Talinia Velm
Found: Trestin Village (Act 1) Found: White River City (Act 1) Found: Mountainside Inn (Act 2) Found: Waset Village (Act 3)
Rohane is an all-out warrior – he can dish out and take damage easily. Mipsy is a wizard that can dish out massive damage, but is rather fragile. Talinia is an archer – can take some damage, and can deal some too. Velm is another spell-caster. He can take damage, and heal other characters!
Group Role: Rohane does the most damage in the group (in most cases). Group Role: Mipsy can cast very effective damage spells. Group Role: Talinia has a ranged attack, and can slow/stun multiple enemies. Group Role: Velm can heal the whole party (90HP), and cast protective spells.

Advised Skills: Damage Increase (he needs to do damage), Critical Attacks (double damage), and Innate skills.

While Critical Attacks is an attractive choice, you need Damage Increase first - it will increase the damage you do in every attack, rather than every so often. Get both during the game!

As a general note, Innate Haste and Innate Defence/Resistance are must-haves for all characters.

Advised Skills: Group Direct Damage / Direct Damage, Haste (beneficial in 4-monster fights) and Innate skills.

"Group Direct Damage or Direct Damage?" is a popular NeoQuest 2 debate. DD deals 100 damage when maxed out (and charges about two times faster than GDD), while GDD does 256 (64 damage * 4 monsters) in group monster fights. Choose one - you can complete the game with either.

Advised Skills: Damage Increase (she does need to do damage!), Multiple Targets (group attack!), Shockwave (stun), and Innate skills.

Talinia has a number of mini-skills: Slowing Strike, Ranged Attacks and Shockwave. All of them are oriented at delaying enemies attacks in different ways. Ranged Attacks is the only one that works against the final boss, but the rest can be more useful in monster fights.

Advised Skills: Group Healing (heals your party in 1 turn, rather than 4), Group Protection, and Innate skills.

Group Protection is a nice skill to add magic and melee damage resistance to the whole group -- it greatly reduces the chance of serious damage inflicted to your characters. Celestial Hammer is also a nice skill, although the final Boss resists it (you may or may not want to use it -- it offers almost no damage advantage over Velm's normal attack).

Level Up: gains 6 HP. Level Up: gains 4 HP. Level Up: gains 5 HP. Level Up: gains 5 or 6 HP.
"Our enemies fall before us"
"We emerge victorious!"
"Justice prevails again!"
"Do we really have time for this?"
"The next time something bites me, it's going to get set on fire."
"I wish I didn't need these stupid shoes!"
"It's all about the proper aim, baby."
"All too easy!"
"Back in my day, monsters were ten times as vicious!"
"Eat your vegetables."
"Fighting monsters is good exercise."
"Don't fidget. And get a haircut!"
"Well, wasn't that exciting?"

Your party members regenerate health for up to 7 "moves" after a battle (outcome is irrelevant); the amount gained depends on the character's maximum hp: 1 health point is restored per move for every 100 health points above -50 hp.

Experience points required to reach level x can be computed using the formula: 50x2 + 850x - 900.