NeoQuest II Monsters

Monsters are grouped by acts and "areas" within them. To start, select an act from the list below.

Meridell | Terror Mountain | Lost Desert | Haunted Woods | Faerieland

Area NameArea Type
Western Plainswilderness
Dark Cave / Gold Minewilderness
Northern Marcheswilderness
Underground Cavewilderness
Lost Islandwilderness
Mysterious Tower, Level 1wilderness
Mysterious Tower, Level 2wilderness
Mysterious Tower, Level 3wilderness
Mysterious Tower, Level 4wilderness
White River Floodplainwilderness
Eye of Meridellwilderness
Trackless Wasteswilderness
Lost City of Phoroforwilderness
South-East Meridellwilderness
Tower on a Hill, Level 1wilderness
Tower on a Hill, Level 2wilderness
South-Most Meridellwilderness
Plains of Retreatwilderness
Ramtor's Tower - Base Levelwilderness
Ramtor's Tower - Tower Level 1wilderness
Ramtor's Tower - Dungeon Level 1wilderness
Ramtor's Tower - Dungeon Level 2wilderness