NeoQuest II: Non-Player Characters

Non-Player characters are those characters that you can't play as - they mainly talk or trade with you, or give quests.

Meridell | Terror Mountain | Lost Desert | Haunted Woods | Faerieland

NPC NameDescriptionAbilities
Trestin Village (town)
MotherRohane's mom. Offers a free rest
MarvisJust another
PongorasMerchanttalk trade potions
TolainTells you about White Rivertalk quest
White River City (town)
JeltharoWelcome to White River Citytalk quest armor potions
HorxasThe rest
TeborNorth Merchant -- availible immediately (discounts after the bridge is down)trade armor weapons potions
YauvisHe's trying to catch some sleep!talk
AdelanZombom gasped, "Adelan... I betrayed... my master... unhappy about this... aghh..."talk
SildairmSouth Merchant -- after defeating armor weapons potions
Mipsy(South) It's Mipsy!talk join
EnkarraJust another
Lakeside (town)
FolsiJust another
HathietJust another
ArialaJust another
ErinelsJust an eldertalk
ParelJust an eldertalk
PipkaJust a armor
ZapkaJust a weapons
YecckiThe owner of the finest... no, the only... tavern in potions
MynelJust an unpolite NPCtalk
EstrundaWhat is it with NeoQuest 2 and drunkards in bars?talk
Bin-poSome drink to remember, some drink to
FudraThe Inn-keepertalk rest
ZixoJust can't stop arguing!talk
SiddandeJust can't stop arguingtalk
DoviniAn adventurer?talk
KijandriShe KNOWS!talk quest
Potraddo (Hermit)And the key quest
Lost City of Phorofor (wilderness)
Withered ghostIt means you no harm, but you might want to get the Key quest
Forlorn GuardEvery city needs it's
Undead merchantWhy would the undead sell healing potions?talk trade potions
Seaside (town)
EnleaJust another NPCtalk
DelkonAnother piece of quest
UtharePotions? News?talk trade potions
PatannisThe goldsmithtrade armor weapons
UthyniHow horrible!talk quest
Berig100np Inntalk rest
Meridell Castle (town)
Guard ThyetThe Free Castle Inntalk rest
Countess HarenNefarious plans? Must know more!talk
Lady AdrileJust another useless
Count SadathJust another NPCtalk
Guard Cault"It's as if we're space-filler NPCs or something"talk
Guard ZanaleWhere's the King?talk
Captain JologaWhere's the King?talk quest
Ramtor's Tower - Dungeon Level 2 (wilderness)
SkarlThe king is in

Talk Sells Armor
Trade Sells Potions
Joins your Party Sells Weapons
Rest (inn) Quest or Interesting