NeoQuest II: Rewards

NeoQuest II has a slightly different reward system from NeoQuest. For example, you do not gain neopoints from leveling, but instead get a large prize and a battledome item when you complete the game.

Your rewards differ based on the difficulty level you've completed, but you'll always recieve the same rewards: a Trophy, some NP, and a weapon.

Note: we do not keep track of the weapon damage / effects. You can try NeoQuest II Prizes page at In-Depth Battlepedia.

Complete...And You Recieve...
Normal Difficulty Trophy
Bronze Trophy, 10000 NP, and one of the following items:
Mipsys Charm Bracelet Rohanes Armor Polish Talinias Whittling Knife Velms Healing Potion
Evil Difficulty Trophy
Silver Trophy, 30000 NP, and one of the following items:
Halo of Devilpuss Ramtors Spellbook Scuzzys Comb Tooth Of Terask
Insane Difficulty Trophy
Gold Trophy, 50000 NP, and one of the following items:
Bow of Destiny Staff of Righteous Fury Sword of Appocalypse Wand of Reality

Important: you will only recieve the Insane difficulty item prize ONCE. Completing the Insane level multiple times will only give you the NP bonus. You can complete Normal/Evil difficulties as many times as you want and recieve the item and neopoints each time.

In addition to the end-game bonus, you'll also recieve some Neopoints (around 10000) by beating the bosses in the game.