NeoQuest Rewards

Playing NeoQuest rewards you in three main ways:

If you complete the game, you will receive a wonderful trophy for your user-lookup. Bronze for Normal, Silver for Evil, and Gold for Insane.
Broze NeoQuest Trophy Silver NeoQuest Trophy Gold NeoQuest Trophy
Boss Neopoints Rewards
Every time you beat a boss/mini-boss in this game, you will receive some neopoints.
Level Neopoints Rewards
Every new level you achieve, you get a reward in neopoints. You can calculate how much you receive using the following formula : [Previous Level] * 25. Say that you have just achieved level 21, your neopoints reward would be 20*25 (500) neopoints.

And... it also rewards you with the ability to brag about beating NeoQuest! wrap-sections: yes