NeoQuest: Storyline

NeoQuest, the latest game to hit the screens of your Neopet's computers worldwide, is proving to be quite a hit. Want to know the background behind the battle between good and evil in Neopia's past? Here's the information we've managed to get from that long and far away time.

The Circle Of Twelve

It all dates back to the old days of the Neopian Empire - once great and proud, it's cities lived prosperously.

There was magic in the land, and that is real magic - not the faerie one we have today. A group of powerful magicians, called the Circle Of Twelve was once assembled - and for a time it was good. Featuring Jahbal and Xantan, the group was set out to wreak havoc in Neopia some time later, as the group's leader, Jahbal, grew mad with power.

Xantan was exiled by the Circle Of Twelve, with most of his power stripped away. He has, since then, made a cave near Neopia City his home.

The Battle of Kal Panning.

Beeing Mad, Jahbal decided to start a war against all others. Some of Empire's cities fell... others stood up to face Jahbal. So did the city of Kal Panning, and it's leader Faelinn.

Eventually, Jahbal defeated Kal Panning's defenders, and turned the city's population into zombies. The other members of the Circle seen the error of their ways (and who they were allying themselves with), and decided to get rid of Jahbal. Jahbal, however made spyed on the Council members, and decided to flee to the Two Rings Castle.

The group of wizards decided not to hunt Jahbal down, for noone knew what arterfacts of power there were in his castle - and cast a sealing spell on the entire Two Rings Range. Nothing is supposed to make it throught that barrier - and at that, they settled.

Nothing. Yeah, Right!

Somehow, Jahbal has found a way to break through the barrier. Although he himself could never pass the barrier, his magic reached out to the outside world, and created monsters. The monsters, in turn, were ordered to hunt down The Empire's leaders - disabling the empire. Many fell, far more suffered; the seeds of destruction were sown.

Jahbal continued to create monsters... and soon the Empire collapsed. Only the most well defended cities were still standing.

Who knows, maybe, some day, a hero will slay Jahbal?