NeoQuest Tips And Tricks

Brought to you by the endless poking from Forcemaster, this section of IDNQ may provide some interesting information that you've not known before...

Moving Fast.

When you're traversing the NeoQuest World, and you need to get somewhere quick, you can switch to sneaking mode, click on the arrow where you want to go, wait till that page loads, and then press F5 every so often (even before the pages load) - your character will be moving faster.

All Starting Wands

This one is pretty useless, but nevertheless funny. In the beggining, when you have to choose a starting wand, click on all of them. Don't confirm your choises, just click. Then, once done, click on one and confirm - you'll get all of them.

This trick has virtually no benefit - those wands are not different from each other in any way.


If you're sure that you're superior to your opponent, click the Attack link in battle, and refresh the page (F5). This allows your battle to finish faster - because you don't have to wait for the page to load (keep in mind that you might also die fast).

Train Without Moving

By refreshing you can stay at the same place, but you'll still have a chance of getting attacked by monsters!

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