Skills And Weapons

NeoQuest guide by Goldengirl411.

So you are all excited about starting your new NeoQuest game. You click on the start button, ready to fight any enemy that crosses your path. But to your dismay, the next page that pops up says something about Skill Points. Below, there are several categories (Fire, Ice, Shock, Spectral, Life). Looks like Jahbal is going to have to wait for now!

Instead of being impatient and clicking the first thing that you see, wait a while and consider the choices. First of all, it helps to learn more about each specific skill and what they do.






Life Weapons - If you have this skill, you have a greater chance to heal back lost health points as you walk around on the map. Also, every skill point you put in this skill raises the amount of points a healing potion would heal back by 1 (If you have 4 points in Life Weapons, a Weak Healing Potion would heal 14 points of damage, but if you raise it to 5, then the potion would heal back 15 points. If you have none in Life Weapons, then the same potion would heal 10 points).

Well, now that you know a little bit about each skill, it is time to actually pick the ones you like. To start off, you get 7 skill points. Although this may seem simple, the skills you choose now are going to stick with you for the rest of the game. Anyway, you can only spend a skill point in a skill if you have more points in the previous one. For example, if your Firepower skill is at 2, and your Fire Weapons skill is at 3, you can spend one point in Firepower, but you can't spend another until you improve Fire Weapons another point. To get any life skill, you must first get the one in front of it.

The skills I would recommend everyone to try and get as many points as possible in are Life, Shock and Spectral. However, this is just my opinion and you don't have to follow it if you don't want to. Now, whenever you gain a level in NeoQuest, you get one more skill point to spend, so don't worry that much about getting all the right skills. Good luck!

Okay, so you picked out all of your skills now, and you are ready to fight. Wrong! There is one more thing you need to do before you can enter Ancient Neopia and start on your quest. The next page you are sent to when you accept your skill choices will be about choosing your weapons. As you can see, there are 5 different colored wands: red, blue, yellow, black and white. Again, put some thought into this. Well, I like purple, why isn't that on there? Or green? Well, the answer is because each wand is for each type of magic. Red = Fire, Blue = Ice, Yellow = Shock, Black = Spectral and White = Life. Now then, to narrow it down a little bit, my suggestion is to get a wand that does the same type of damage as one of the skills you got. If you have your skill points in Shock and Fire, there isn't really much of a point in getting an Ice Wand.

The wand you choose now is not going to remain with you for the rest of the game. This weapon does 3 points damage, the next one does 6, then 10, 14 and finally 20. All of these will be located around Ancient Neopia and you will have to fight to get them or find the items to make them on your own. You do not have to get wands of the same type of magic throughout the whole game! If you got, say, a Spectral Wand this time, there is nothing stopping you from getting a Life Wand next time.

Well then, good luck to all and enjoy your quest! Neomail me at Goldengirl411 if you have any questions/comments. Thanks!!

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