Potions Guide To Dank Cave

NeoQuest guide by iceysnowmanchamp.

So, you are now here to learn about the most deadliest liquid that you could drink! Poison! Yes, it damages you gradually, and you will get sent back to Neopia City... MUHAHAHA *cackles loudly*. (like a witch!)

Eh... not really... anyway, I'm here to talk about potions. What are they? Potions are liquids that heal you. They taste like... this:

So never ever try to drink potions!

About Potions

Well, potions are liquids that heal you. That amount that the potion heals, will increase by one for each point in your life weapons skill... This guide assumes you have few points on life weapons. Potions are hardly needed when you have lots of points in the life tree-but are needed more in the ice and fire trees. Because it burns and freezes it up? No, because you would have less defence concentrated when using those trees.

Using Potions

(getting up)... um... Potions can be used at 2 times:

Before Dank Cave

You are introduced to the Weak Healing Potion:

Weak Healing Potion Heals: 10 HP (increase 1 for each point in life weapons)
Location and Rarity: Very Common in the Dank Cave and the Plains of Neopia. Uncommon in the jungle ruins (found on the first floor, second)
Usage: Bit useful in the beginning, not really useful later. Mainly used when exploring.

Before the Dank Cave, I would try to use all my potions at once, not going for more.

Ehh... no, just hunt around, and when you have few HP, just SNEAK back to Neopia City to heal from Boraxis the healer. Try not to use a lot of potions, to save them for later, when you are in the Dank Cave.

Dank Cave-Potions

Level 1- At level 1, the monsters are easy, but if you ever get down to only 10 HP or less, use a weak healing potion just in case, even if your opponent is almost dying. I have lots of experience from this, because the first time I played, I kept taking risks and I died! DONT TAKE RISKS!!

Level 2- The monsters are bit harder here, but they are not a threat. Only watch out for the broken skeletons, which can deal higher damage than most of the other monsters.

Level 3- There are burned skeletons and frozen skeletons here. Try not to start a fight with less than 20 HP, because you'll find yourself keep having to use potions.

Levl 4- Watch out for the metal devourers, who can poison you and cause a lot of damage. In the metal devourer zone, have at least 25 HP before fighting one. If you have been poisoned and your HP is less than 10, use a standard healing potion, because if you use a weak one, it will damage you again, and you'll have to use another potion. The cave ogres can also stun you for one round, so try to have at least 25 HP for that too. When you're out of the metal devourer-cave ogre zone, the skeletal guards are not that much of a threat, but try to have at least 20 HP before fighting them anyways.

You are introduced to the Standard Healing Potion:

Standard Healing Potion Heals: 30 HP (increase 1 for each point in life weapons)
Location and Rarity: Found on the dank cave (lv. 4), but uncommon, and found of dungeons of jungle ruins lv. 1, 2, and 3.
Usage: Is OK, used mainly in battle at the Dank Cave (against metal devourers and Xantan) and Jungle Ruins (dungeons-lv. 1 and 2). Also used when exploring in Jungle Ruins (dungeon-Gors and lv.3)

Xantan- When having to use potions against Xantan, use the Standard Healing Potions, DO NOT waste your weak healing potions on him. Try to also keep your HP above 20 because this overgrown mud pile can do a fireblast, which does 20 damage. If you don't have enough potions, just flee and go back to the first level and come back. I'll wait... *yawn*

HP left USE:
less than 21 Standard Healing Potion
21-31 May use Standard Healing Potion
More than 31 Don't use any healing potions

Oh... did I fall asleep? Oh well, look out for my next guide, potions in the Jungle Ruins, and my Skills and Dank Cave guide Coming Soon.

Good Night...*zzz*

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