The In-Depth Guide to NeoQuest Skills

NeoQuest guide by drewmtradio.

Welcome to Neoquest. As you enter into an adventure of the past, you come to find out that you must now choose skills. You start off with 7 skill points and alot of skill options in front of you. The first thing to do is not to start clicking, but to start thinking. These skills determine your fighting style and progress. You will recieve an additional skill point for every level you raise and only one. This means that getting all the skills is just about impossible. Therefore, you must start by knowing what each skill does.

Skill Descriptions


Fire Weapons - (Level 1) - If you have a Fire Weapon and are using it during combat, there is an increased chance that your attack will hit your opponent for a few extra points of fire damage. (note: better with Fire Wand armed, but not needed to work)

Firepower - (Level 2) - This skill increases the damage that your successful fire-based attacks cause to your opponent. It works with any fire attacks, such as Wall of Flame, Fire Ball, and also weapons with special fire powers and fire damage shields.

Fire Ball - (Level 3) - Every few rounds, instead of the 'Attack' option you may choose to 'Cast a Fire Ball'. This special attack blasts your opponent with a ball of fire.

Wall of Flame - (Level 4) - When your opponent hits you, they take several points of fire damage from a wall of flames. (note: this skill still works when you are stunned)


Ice Weapons - (Level 1) - If you have an Ice Weapon and are using it during combat, there is an increased chance that your attack will hit your opponent for a few extra points of ice damage. (note: better with Ice Wand armed, but not needed to work)

Heart of Ice - (Level 2) - Your attack has a higher chance of freezing your opponent and disabling them from attacking you that round. However, special attacks are not affected.

Snowball - (Level 3) - Every few rounds, instead of the 'Attack' option you may choose to 'Cast a Snowball'. This special attack blasts your opponent with a ball of snow.

Glacier Strike - (Level 4) - This skill takes 3 rounds to use, and if you use the normal 'Attack' option during that time then the Strike is cancelled (special attacks like Snowball, Fire Ball etc. may still be used). Although it takes a long time, it can do several times normal damage!


Shock Weapons - (Level 1) - If you have this skill, there is an increased chance that your attack will stun your opponent for 1 round and prevent them from attacking you during that round. (note: this is not effective wiothout arming a Shock Wand)

Disable - (Level 2) - Your attacks have an increased chance of lowering your opponent's defense ability. (note: I don't think this works well)

Fortitude - (Level 3) - You can resist some fire, ice and shock attacks if you have this skill.

Shockwave - (Level 4) - If you have this skill, occasionally you can stun your opponent and cause several points of damage all at the same time.


Spectral Weapons - (Level 1) - Your defensive ability is increased if you are using a Spectral Weapon.(note: this is not effective without arming a Spectral Wand)

Evasion - (Level 2) - This skill basically lets you evade, or dodge, any physical attacks.

Absorption - (Level 3) - Every few rounds, instead of using the 'Attack' option you can 'Cast Absorption'. This lets you absorb your opponent's physical attack into a few health points for you. However, if after 5 rounds you don't absorb their attack (as in they keep on missing you) then the absorption wears off and you are back to taking normal damage.

Reflex - (Level 4) - Occasionally, your opponent's attack may be reflected right back at them.


Life Weapons - (Level 1) - If you have this skill, you have a greater chance to heal back lost health points as you walk around on the map. (note: this ability increases the healing power of your potions by one hp for every skill point sunk into Life Weapons and healing while walking will not work without a Life Wand armed)

Field Medic - (Level 2) - You can regenerate health points during combat if you have this skill. (note: the healing is about half the skill points used and this works when you are stunned)

Lifesteal - (Level 3) - When you hit with a regular attack, part of the damage you do is returned to you as health points. (note: the healing power is one hp for every skill point sunk into Lifesteal)

Resurrection - (Level 4) - If your health reaches zero, there is a chance you will be returned to 50% of your full health as opposed to dying. (note: please don't die)

Now that you understand each of the available skills and the elements they are associated with, lets understand how to pick them. The first thing to keep in mind is that you can't start with the highest level ability. You must first invest in the abilities below it in the same elemental group in order to get it. For example: in order to put one skill point into the Shockwave skill you must first have one skill point in Shock Weapons, Disable, and Fortitude each. The trick is to find the skill you really want and then understand the skills you need before it, or rather the investment needed. Now once you have got the ability you want, you need to invest in the lower abilities again in order to raise it. NO skill can be higher in skill points then the skill that is under it and in the same element group. That is really the only rule.

Now the question is what skills do I choose for my character. This is a good question to ask since the answer to it effects how your little Lupe developes. The answer is really what fits your personality or what fits your fighting preferance. Some say that if you are a fighter, then choose ice and fire cause the skills in it have the high damage. Another is that if you like to have high defense, then develope the Spectral and Life Skills. The thinking behind this is that you shouldn't spread yourself out to thin or else you become a jack of all trades, while a master of none. And rightly you should decide early in the game or even from the very start what skills you should go for. I, however, do have an alturnative to the "two maybe three element" model that most use.

One aspect that I find lacking in most guides about Neoquest skills is that they neglect to show that you don't have to use all of an element and thus all of its skills. The key thing to remember is that in order to get a particular ability you need only get the abilities before and you never have to touch the ones after it. Granted the coolest sounding skills are on the top of the chain, it still doesn't mean that they are the best for you or the most compatible with your interest and other abilities. I have outlined here that by picking and choosing abilities you can get a solid group of skills for less or equal to the hundred skill points (the skill points needed to maximize two whole element groups). I have listed here the best for a curtain theme, but you may choose your own sort of strategy that involves other skills.

Skill / Character Combinations

Best Spell Caster

A true wizard type character doesn't use his weapon often. There is in Neoquests a number of alternatives to attacking, such as the casting of spells. The four spells of Neoquests are:

-Fire Ball (Fire Level 3)
-Snow Ball (Ice Level 3)
-Glacier Strike (Ice Level 4)
-Absorption (Spectral Level 3)

This Combo adds to a minimum of 10 skill points to start and a maximum of 100 to obtain fully. 30 Fire (30%): 40 Ice (40%): 30 Spectral (30%)

Main Advantages: Allows the character an option to attack even if they are frozen yet not stunned. It is also the best combo for promoting the Glacier Strike attack since you have three other spells to use that do not stop the attack from charging. Plus healing without healing items is possible with the Absorption Spell.
Extras: Unintended Advantages include high levels of damage from the fire and ice weapon skills that don't need a wand to have an effect. Plus the ability to freeze your opponent and have a higher level of defense if you wish.
Wand Choice: I would choose the spectral wand since without it you miss the extra defense advantage. While the other two weapon-based abilities happen anyway, just with a lower rate is all.

Best Stunner

If you want to be the type of person that stops his/her opponents in their tracks then this combo is for you. Your basic attack in this case adds to the chance of getting free blows without any fear of penalty. There are three stopping skills to consider:

-Heart Of Ice (Ice Level 2)
-Shock Weapons (Shock Level 1)
-Shock Wave (Shock Level 4)

This Combo adds to a minimum of 6 skill points to start and a maximum of 60 to obtain fully. 20 Ice (33%): 40 Shock (67%)

Main Advantages: Gives you a chance to catch up in any battle. Between misses, being frozen, being stunned, and the extra damage that Shock Wave delivers, your opponent will often times never get to attack you. The best part is when your enemy is stopped for multiple rounds which is best achieved with both shock abilities. But remember your only healing option is potions.
Extras: Unintended Advantages is that you not only deliver the most powerful stuns, but you also get some immunity from them as well. The fact that you lower your enemy's defense is okay, but I never saw it make a difference. The Ice weapons ability also helps cause more damage and thus making for lesser rounds in battle.
Wand Choice: I would choose the Shock wand since it is a part of you shock success and since you get the ice weapons advantage anyhow.

Best Defender

If you like to be the type of guy who can stand up to powerful attacks and laugh about it (or you duck into the fetal position anytime a monster comes by). Then this combo is for you. The five skills that stop damage are:

-Fortitude (Shock Level 3)
-Spectral Weapon (Spectral Level 1)
-Evasion (Spectral Level 2)
-Absorption (Spectral Level 3)
-Reflex (Spectral Level 4)

This Combo adds to a minimum of 7 skill points to start and a maximum of 70 to obtain fully. 30 Shock (43%): 40 Spectral (57%)

Main Advantages: Every skill here has the ability to stop or diminish the damage you take. The shock ability can often stop ice or fire damage that can amount to double or triple digits if not blocked. Spectral Weapons cuts down the normal damage and Evasion lets you block it completely. The other two abilities block regular damage and also uses the energy to your advantage that includes healing or attacking.
Extras: Not a whole lot is unintended as an advantage other then the ability to shock, which is only useful with a shock wand. And the cool reversal of lowering your opponents defense while you raise yours (too bad I don't think it helps a whole lot).
Wand Choice: You could get the shock wand and make the shock weapons skill useful, but not arming the spectral wand would defeat the idea of this combo as the best defender.

Best Healer

There are many of you out in old Neopia that think your potions are collector items and maybe you even want to put them in that gallery of yours. Well this is the best combo for healing without help from items. The five abilities best for this is:

-Absorption (Spectral Level 3)
-Life Weapons (Life Level 1)
-Field Medic (Life Level 2)
-Life Steal (Life Level 3)
-Resurrection (Life Level 4)

This Combo adds to a minimum of 7 skill points to start and a maximum of 70 to obtain fully. 30 Spectral (43%): 40 Life (57%)

Main Advantages: With every step and every swing you gain slowly, but surely, every lost hp you have. Life steal will earn you a hp for every skill point used on it (and of course when it works), but you need to attack to use it. The Field medic raises your shock protection since it can work even if you can't move, yet at only half the amount hp compared to life steal. And absorption is just good to use. Resurrection counts as a healing skill but I think the point is to keep your hp from getting below zero in the first place. I sometimes upgrade that last.
Extras: The real advantage is that you save yourself some damage with the Evasion skill by blocking all of a physical attack. The spectral Weapons isn't useful since life weapons is more fitting. Oh, and if you were to use your potions, they get a bonus from the life weapons skill of up to 10 hp each (one for every skill point spent).
Wand Choice: If you feel a little protection is better then the healing you get outside battle is better, then put on a spectral wand. But the best healer always wears a life wand.

Best Anti-Stun

Do you hate being stunned? If you desire to be almost unaffected by this nasty trick then this is the combo I would try. It may not allow you to blast your opponent away with a one thousand point blow, but it won't make your move completely useless either. Your three key skills are:

-Wall of Flame (Fire Level 4)
-Fortitude (Shock Level 3)
-Field Medic (Life Level 2)

This Combo adds to a minimum of 9 skill points to start and a maximum of 90 to obtain fully. 40 Fire (44%): 30 Shock (33%): 20 Life (22%)

Main Advantages: The best part of this strategy is the healing your able to receive when you're stunned. It may not be spectacular, but it does make you feel better. If the monster also lands a physical blow you can bet that Wall of Fire will act as your revenge. Fortitude can stop fire and ice damage that might occur while stunned. The best part is that fortitude keeps you from being stunned in the first place.
Extras: The many abilities involved don't just work well in the context of being stunned, but also in regular battle. Disable is supposed to bring down the defense and absorption is another way to heal. The best Extra is the three fire skills that let you do extra damage when not stunned and a chance to damage when frozen too. But as far as the weapons skills are concerned, its your choice as to which you like, just remember that fire is the only one out of the three that is somewhat useful without the matching weapon.
Wand Choice: I would take the shock wand since I think its cool that the anti-stun Combo also stuns in reverse. But you could also pick the life or fire wand.

Most Damage

If your style is to be the cause of most pain and suffering, then I would make this Combo your first choice. It presents damage on the level of fire, ice and physical. I picked out five main skills that attribute to high damage on regular blows that are:

-Fire Weapons (Fire Level 1)
-Firepower (Fire Level 2)
-Ice Weapons (Ice Level 1)
-Disable (Shock Level 2)
-Shockwave (Shock Level 4)

This Combo adds to a minimum of 7 skill points to start and a maximum of 70 to obtain fully. 20 Fire (29%): 10 Ice (14%): 40 Shock (57%)

Main Advantages: Fire Weapons, Ice Weapons and Shockwave each cause damage that is independent of your attack yet requires you to choose the attack option. The best part is that the damage may occur even when you miss and that enemy defense is also lowered at times. When most successful, this attack makes one hit kills a common occurrence. Plus Firepower is key to making the fire portion of your attack better.
Extras: The best unintended extra is that Shockwave not only causes good damage, but also stuns your prey. You also get protection from fire, ice and stun attacks as well as possibly deliver stuns on regular blows.
Wand Choice: I would choose fire first and ice second cause either one helps optimize the damage a bit further.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some of these can be combined or enhanced with the addition of a skill one or two levels ahead. For example if you take the Most Damage category and raise the Ice ability by one level (10 skill points) you also get the Best Stunner for 80 points.

In either case, just pick whatever suits you best. Just don't pick too many and keep in mind that some skills take more to get then others. Kick some butt and enjoy Neoquest.

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