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NeoQuest guide by iceysnowmanchamp.

Hi! Guten Tag! Bonjour! Whatever! Add a mushroom, turn into a toad! However you say hello.

OK, when you start a game, you see a screen of Skills. WHAT? You're not there? Oh, you need to know how to start a game because none of the other guides have it! Heh heh... Just Click on the games at the yellow column, and type N-e-o-q-u-e-s-t in the search box. Now, click on the game Neoquest. You should see a grey Neoquest Box. Click it, and press Start a new game in Normal mode.

OK, so NOW you see the screen of skills. What!? You don't know what skills are!? OH...! Whell, skills are, um... *skills* that make your character more powerful. There are spheres of magic, each of them is different and unique.They are the same! No, they AREN'T! YES THEY ARE! AHHHH!!!! BE QUIET!!!!

Well anyway, let me meditate to calm down. Wait for me. *you wait a week. zzzz...* Hey! that snoring is loud! Anyway, The five different spheres are Fire, Ice, Shock, Spectral and Life, as you know (or don't know). Below are the skill branches and the people's opinions on them. YOU CAN BELIEVE EITHER ONE!

Fire Magic is the magic of fire (duh!). It focuses only on doing more damage to your opponent.

Opinion 1: This makes you do a lot of damage to the opponent, and you will defeat them quickly and easily.

Opinion 2: Fire Magic is just not defensive enough, and does few damage.

Ice magic is the magic of ice (duh!)(OK OK, I'll stop that). It mainly focuses on doing damage, little bit of disabling.

Opinion 1: Ice Magic's Glacier Strike does massive damage, and the other skills are also good to do a lot of damage!

Opinion 2: Ice Magic's Glacier Strike takes too long to charge, and the other skills are useless.

Shock magic is the magic of thunder (like, obviously). It focuses lowering their defence and shocking them so they can't attack (obviously).

Opinion 1: Shock Rules! You can keep stunning them so that they can't attack, and Fortitude also Rules!

Opinion 2: Shock Magic is not very helpful to do extra damage.

Spectral Magic is ghost magic *AHHH!! I'm freaking out because I just discovered my neopet is a ghost! AHHHH!!* (Well, I'm actually not sure if it's ghost magic or color magic, as it spectral refers to both). Anyway, it focuses on defence and counterattack.

Opinion 1: Spectral Magic is too risky and unreliable.

Opninion 2: Spectral Magic helps you defend and it's VERY GOOD! Reflex, absorption and evasion together are very good!

Life Magic is the magic of life (no duh! bet you didn't know that!)(well, it's not duh, it's no duh ;)). It focuses only on healing.

Opinion 1: Life Magic heals too little and is not reliable to always heal you.

Opinion 2: Life Magic, combined with Spectral and Shock, make a powerful and invincible team!

Well, here is what I think of the skills. All the ratings are out of 5, 5 being the best, 1 the worst. These are my opinions and MY OPINION ONLY! You don't have to listen to it. (well again, maybe you do)

Fire Magic- Average Rating=2
Fire Weapons This is not very useful to me, because, even at level 5, it only does a few points of damage *faints*, which is not a lot compared to your usual attack. It also gets resisted (NOOO!!) by bosses a lot. In order for this to work better, you need to be holding a Fire Weapon.

Rating: 1

Firepower This skill is OK if you are investing in the Fire Sphere, because it makes the fire attacks higher, and it's only the second skill. Increasing this is better than increasing the skill of your Fireball skill or your Wall of Flame skill, if you use those, which I don't reccomend. But this is kind of no use if using other types of skills.

Rating: 3

Fireball This skill is pretty good and powerful in the beginning, but as it needs a lot of skill points in the future to make this do higher damage, it is NOT recommended. It also gets resisted (NOOO!!!) easily. Improving your Firepower skill is better, as it increases Fireball, Fire Weapons AND Wall of flame, and Firepower is only the second skill, so you don't need to use so many points.

Rating: 2

Wall of Flame This skill is also OK. It can be useful to hit with a few points of damage each time your opponent damages you, even when stunned. But this doesn't work with magic attacks *faints*, so it's not very useful in the future. (yes, the future! the year 3000! How exciting!) Also like fireball, I would increase the level of Firepower instead of this.

Rating: 2

Ice Magic- Average Rating=3
Ice Weapons This is not very useful to me, because, even at level 5, it only does a few points of damage (8 for me) *faints again*, which is not a lot compared to your usual attack. But I give this a 2 because it does more damage than Fire Weapons (6 dmage), when I used it and they were at the same level. It also gets resisted (NOOO!!!) by bosses a lot. In order for this to work better, you need to be holding an Ice Weapon. And it also hardly works against bosses. It does come up pretty often though,

Rating: 2

Heart of Ice This skill is OK, although it doesn't block enemy magic attacks, it does block their normal attacks. It also works better on bosses then the skill, Shock Weapons. And at higher levels, this skill works often, although it can be resisted (NOOO!!)

Rating: 3

Snowball Like fireball, this skill is pretty good and powerful in the beginning, but as it needs a lot of skill points in the future to make this do higher damage, it is NOT recommended. It is also ressisted (NOOO!!!) more and more later in the game. But if you are using Ice Magic, this skill could be useful for filling in the extra turn for Glacier Strike.

Rating: 3

Glacier Strike This skill is VERY GOOD, although you have to have 3 turns before you launch it, you do MASSIVE damage. You do not need to bring it's level so high, because the damage increases by the LEVEL. The skill level decreases the chance of being resisted. This skill does get resisted often (NOOO!!!), though, but with disable, it is no problem. Also, it can make you take risks, which is NOT good.

Rating: 4

Shock Magic- Average Rating=3.5
Shock Weapons This skill is better than Fire Weapons and Ice Weapons, because it can cause stun. Although it still hardly works against bosses *faints*, and can be resisted (NOOOO!!), sometimes, at higher levels with Shockwave, you will almost be stunning every round.

Rating: 2

Disable This skill is VERY effective. At higher levels, when casted, it decreases an enemies resistance (defence) a lot. It works well with Glacier Strike, although again, can be resisted. (NOOOO!!!)

Rating: 4

Fortitude This skill is REALLY REALLY good. It lets you resist magic attacks. And obviously, a skill that makes you resist can't be resisted. (YEESSS!!) this skill is VITAL.

Rating: 5

Shockwave Although many people like this, I think that it needs too much points for it to do a lot of extra damage *faints*. Although the stun plus damage IS good. It can also be resisted (NOOO!!).

Rating: 3

Spectral Magic- Average Rating=2.75
Spectral Weapons I have NO IDEA on how this skill works.*faints* *in a girlish voice* I mean, like, don't waste your skill points on, like, this totally useless thing, unless, like, you're using, like spectral magic!

Rating: 1

Evasion I love this skill. With high levels of this, combined with Fortitude, is really effective as both magic and normal attacks' chance of hitting you are reduced.

Rating: 4

Absorption Although this skill DOES neglate an attack and heals you also, I think this is not very good, as it needs high levels to heal a lot, and it also takes up a turn of your battle. It also gets resisted (NOOO!!!) a lot, later in the game.

Rating: 2

Reflex LOVE THIS SKILL! Neglects damage and reflects back at them. It doesn't work very often though, but is very good in later battles, particularly when the opponent does a lot of damage.

Rating: 4

Life Magic- Average Rating=2.25
Life Weapons This skill is OK, as it increases the amount a healing potion heals. But the healing when walking around doesn't happen very often. Yay! I finally didn't faint! *faints of happiness*

Rating: 3

Field Medic This skill is not very good, even at level 3, it only heals 2 HP. But it works well with Lifesteal, to make the amount of healing more.

Rating: 1

Lifesteal This skill is pretty good! Healing when attacking is VERY useful, works VERY often, heals VERY good, is VERY good. ;) I recommend it. (then again, I don't like life) Anyway, this skill is OK, but I think it heals kind of too little...

Rating: 4

Ressurection This skill IS THE MIRACLE!! You will be invincible and take over the World!! MUHAHAHAHA!!

Rating: 1

This is the the five skills that I like, if you're using my guide (which, obviously, you will be)

  1. Fortitude
    What's the next one!
  2. Evasion
    C'mon! We want to know!
  3. Reflex
    Just tell us!
  4. Glacier Strike
    AHH!!! *you faint of suspense*
  5. Disable (Disable and Glacier Strike are like a pair, you can't have one without the other ;))

Tips for Spending Skills

Use points on skills based on what you need. For example, you're level 11 and still haven't got any points in Shock, and you're going to have to beat Kreai. Better spend a few points in Fortitude. And you don't have to spend points in a skill that you don't want. For example, you really want a high level Fortitude, but only have 6 levels left until the next boss. My advice: don't spend a lot of points on Shockwave YET. Put a point on Shock Weapons, Disable, Fortitude, Shock Weapons, Disable, Fortitude, and after you beat Kreai you can put points in Shockwave.

Well, hope this guide was well done. Not too rare, not too well done... just the way you like it. (Why am I comparing guides to a steak? I really don't know) If it is, tell hunter I'm a perfect proofreader. ;)

Bye! *Waves to the crowd as they throw roses, ignoring the tomatoes thrown*

-icey, in the hospital.

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