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Choosing Your Skills

As you probably already know, in NeoQuest, you play a white Lupe, and you have to fight your way through the hoards of monsters, and have to defeat how ever is doing this to Ancient Neopia, and then blast them off a very high balcony ;) . Whenever you fight a monster, if you win, you get experience. When you get enough experience, you gain a Level. When you gain a level, your maximum health increases by five points, youget your health upped from wherever to maximum, and also you gain a valuable thing indeed, a Skill Point! Skill Points are used to give yourself Skills, and also make existing Skills stronger. Skills are almost a necessity if you wish to win NeoQuest.

Each skill comes from one of the Five Spheres, and each skill has different powers.

You get Seven Skill Points when you start the game for you to use. I suggest that you get the first three skills in the Fire Skill Tree and the Ice Skill Tree, and you spend your last point on the first in the Life Skill Tree.
This will make your attacks stronger, give you special things to cast, and make Healing Potions more effective, by one health point per skill level! Then when you gain more levels, use the points to finish the Fire Tree and the Ice Tree, then complete the rest, starting with the Life Tree, then Spectral followed with Shock. Remember, you can only increase skill level of a skill if the previous skill level is higher then the one you want to increase, but the beginning Skills can be raised without raising any other skill, i.e., Ice Weapons Skill Level is 2, but Heart of Ice is 0. Heart of Ice is after Ice Weapons, and can be increased twice; to Skill Level 2, but not again until Ice Weapons is increased again. Ice Weapons can be increased without increasing another skill first, as it is the first skill of the tree. The maximum skill level for any skill is 10.

Below is a table of skills, and my evaluation of each skill.

Fire Magic This Sphere is about causing as much damage as often as possible, Blast your opponent and watch as they become Beans on Toast! These skills are good for dealing good damage quick.
Skill One: Fire Weapons With this skill you have a chance of attacking with extra fire damage! Useful, as they add damage to your opponent.
Skill Two: Firepower With this, fire attacks do more damage! Watch the damage sky rocket the skill points on this skill!
Skill Three: Fireball With this skill you can cast a fireball every few turns, They do a bit of damage to an opponent. Useful in the early stages, not very much later however, where you can deal several times this damage, even at max skill level.
Skill Four: Wall of Flame For every successful melee attack your opponent does to you, the Wall of Flames will scorch your opponent for some fire damage
Ice Magic Use the power of all things cold, freeze your enemy in their tracks, then charge up an ultimate attack to make your opponent an Ice Sculpture! This magic is causing as much damage as possible in one turn, and some disabling to hold off your enemy.
Skill One: Ice Weapons With this, you may be able to attack with ice extra damage each turn, like Fire Weapons, it's useful for helping to add damage to your opponent.
Skill Two: Heart of Ice Stop your opponent using there normal attack that turn, useful, but it only works for me while wielding the strongest ice wand, wonder why??
Skill Three: Snowball With this skill you can cast a snowball every few turns, They do a bit of damage to an opponent. Useful in the early stages, not very much later however because, like Fireball, later stages you can deal a lot more damage.
Skill Four: Glacier Strike Takes two rounds until you can attack with it, but does three of four times normal damage! Useful, as the strength of it gets stronger with your level, and accuracy increases with its Skill Level. On the second round, when it is charging, you cannot use a normal attack, because it stops the strike, but you can use special abilities and potions, or just continue casting it!
Shock Magic Use this skill to stop your enemies in their tracks, invoke lightning to stun and resist their magic, then get there guard down and Wham!! This magic is stunning to stop your enemy, resisting incoming magical attacks, and decreasing opponents defense.
Skill One: Shock Weapons Normal attacks have a chance to stun your enemy. This can let you really get in there with powerful attacks, and stop damage in return.
Skill Two: Disable Each attack may lower your enemies defense.
Skill Three: Fortitude The Fortitude increases your resistance to Fire, Ice, and Stun, useful when fighting some powerful bosses and monsters, especially the magic guardians, but we will cross that bridge when we get there.
Skill Four: Shockwave Each attack may cause a shockwave. These shockwaves damage an enemy and stuns them, although the may resist, this skill is nevertheless powerful.
Spectral Magic Surprise your opponent at your skills and use themselves against themselves, and counter there attacks for a real finish!This magic is of defense, avoiding attacks and countering attacks, and altering there result and usage.
Skill One: Spectral Weapons You defense becomes stronger, so it's useful when you come up against monsters with powerful attacks.
Skill Two: Evasion Allows you to possible evade some attacks, so it is good on a defense run, and just plain playing it safe.
Skill Three: Absorption With this you can cast an absorption lasting for five turns. In this time if your opponent hits you normally, it heals you, so it is good for keeping up hit points.
Skill Four: Reflex Sometimes, you can throw back your opponents attack at them, and is useful against the stronger enemies.
Life Weapons Heal every where, you opponent will be wondering where their attack went! This magic concentrates on healing every way possible, to keep up you health while you attack.
Skill One: Life Weapons This skill increases the effectiveness of Healing Potions, and might let you heal around as you walk! By making potions more effective, watch the number you use plummet!
Skill Two: Field Medic In a fight, each round you might regenerate health, amount depending on skill level, so amaze you enemy and heal and attack simultaneously!
Skill Three: Life Steal Although it doesn't drain health from your opponent, like the name suggests, it works like its previous skill, only requires a successful attack.
Skill Four: Resurrection When you die in a fight, you may be revived at half health. Useful, but when you follow this or any other good guide here, it is designed to stop you dieing, so don't raise it higher then Skill Level 2 or 3

Choosing a Weapon

You also get a free weapon when you start, it is a basic damage three wand, and none have special abilities, so it doesn't matter which one you get. Personally, I would get the Blue Wand, purely because Blue's my favorite colour!

Neopia City

When you have got your wand, you will be transported to Neopia City. If you don't know how to navigate, try my soon-to-be-released-guide (hopefully), Part 0, How to Use NeoQuest! Look around the city and talk to the Non Player Characters, but don't leave the city let! I'll wait...

Back Already? Good. Now, Sneaking, head East (Right) until you are inside a ring of hills called The Training Ground. Hunt around and around and fight all the monsters you find. They're Imps, Ice Imps and Fire Imps. They shouldn't be to difficult to beat, and be sure to collect the Weak Healing Potion's, and the all other items they carry. Weak Healing Potions heal 10 default health, and with your Life Weapons Point, 11!

Remember, Save Potions, use Borax the Healer in Neopia City, he will heal you to maximum health.

At Level 3 hunt south and west of Neopia City, collecting Glowing Stones and all the other things that the plains monsters carry, things like Plains Lupes and Black Bearogs, carry. Although these are stronger monsters, the experience is higher than the imps and you'll find them by this level not too difficult. Remember to spend your skill points correctly!

By the time you're Level 5, (and it shouldn't be long because leveling up is easy at the beginning stages) your skills will be one in all of the Fire Magic and the Ice Magic tree's, and one in the first three of the Life Magic tree.

Also, by then you should have collected the items in at least one set of the items in the table below:

Set One Set Two
A Blue Thread A Hunk of Metal
A Plains Lupe Pelt A Small Yellow Gem
A Glowing Stone A Glowing Stone

Once you have one of the sets, head into Neopia city to get your basic, defense 3 amour! Whoopee! Now then, talk to Moraxis, give him one of the sets of items and the Scorchio will make you your armour!
Set One makes you a set of Cloth Robes, and Set Two makes you a Energy Shield. Neither have special powers, so you can get either, but their is no point getting two, as there is no difference between them at all, it is just a waste of items, mainly Glowing Stones.


You have successfully trained up, at least, four levels, and have a damage 3 wand, and you are wearing either a Cloth Robe or bearing a Energy Shield, which have a defense of three. You are, I repeat, are ready for the Dank Caves! Don't go there yet! Read the next part of my guide, "Hills of Jub and Dank Cave, with Weapon and Armour upgrades!" with the bonus section, "Grarrl Peninsula, Grarrl Jungle, and Part One of.... The Jungle Ruins!" first!

In this installment of the guide, you have earned: 250 NP
Bringing your total NeoQuest NeoPoint Count To: 250 NP

If you think that is too little, just wait for later levels, NP will poor in by thoasands!

You should have around 20/30 Weak Healing Potions, at least, and if you don't, get out there and fight, Fight, and Fight! until you do! You should have around 10 Glowing stones, but if you don't you can get on with about six tight... oh, and a load of misc. items! If you don't have round that many Glowing Stones, then get out there and fight, Fight and Fight! until you do, (again!) Now go! Order a pizza, e-mail your friends, do your geography homework-And that reminds me...

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