Hills of Jub, Dank Cave, Xantan, Jungle Ruins

NeoQuest guide by regs_.


You should be Level 5, wielding a basic damage 3 wand, and be equipped with either a set of Cloth Robes or an Energy Shield.

You should have about 20/30 Weak Healing Potions and have about 10/20 Glowing Stones.

Your skill should be something like this, One Point in Fire Weapons, >Firepower, >Fire Ball, >Wall of Flame, One Point in Ice Weapons, Heart of Ice, Snowball, Glacier Strike, and One Point in Life Weapons, Field Medic and Life Steal. So in summery, One in all the skills of Fire Magic, One in all the skills of Ice Magic, and One in the first three skills of Life Magic.

A Bit About Potions....

When you enter Dank Cave, you will have to use your potion supply to heal. This is what I stick by. Now, Although you just have Weak Healing Potions as you enter, after Dank Cave, and a parts of it, you will get stronger ones. Use the weaker ones outside the battles if a battle left you with low health, and the stronger ones in battle. This is because if you are left with low health in a battle, but have not defeated your opponent, it isn't very useful to heal a little bit for several rounds when your opponent is dealing more damage than they heal each round, and you can also save turns for attacking if you heal in bulk. But for now, you just have weak healing potions, so use them when Hit Points are low!

To The Dank Cave!

Are you in Neopia City? And did the recap match you? If yes, Good, continue, if no, read Part I now, 'K?

Your hit points should be full, but if not, be sure to use the magic of Borax, not your potions yet. You need to stock up on them, you will need them in Dank Cave!

OK! Head north (up) to a stretch of hills, called The Hills Of Jub. Hunt around here, and collect some more potions and such. The monsters there should be a piece of cake, but watch out for Grizzly Bearogs, they're a challenge, as well as the Dire Lupes, they both should be close to your level with high hit points.

At about the end of Level 5/ beginning of Level 6, head for the mouth of the cave. Where it usually says things like, "You see Eleus Bratin here, Talk to Eleus Bratin" it will say something like, "You see a cave opening here. Go!". Click on Go! and enter Dank Cave...

The Dank Cave, Level 1

On the first level of the cave, you need to initially Hunt east-ish, then south-ish, because that's the only way to get to the cave ramp that leads to the next part!! Use the Map Of Dank Cave, and you should see a clear route. The monsters aren't to difficult: the third breed of imp, the Cave Imp, who is only slightly stronger than the Fire and Ice imps, a load of Cave Slugs roam here, but they're only a little stronger than the cave imps. The Cave Lupes are stronger, but at your level and skills, they shouldn't be too difficult... If you get a Cave Lupe Pelt, keep it, as it will provide part of some new armour for you, Yay! You don't try to get it yet, however, as you need more items! And don't go up the Cave Ramp yet!

Now, you may find the monsters easy, good, because if they were hard you either 1) haven't followed the guide or 2) You, well, haven't been paying attention! You don't want them to be hard and impossible to beat, do you?

When you are about Level 7, your skills should be: One in all of the Fire Magic Skills, One in all of the Ice Magic Skills, One in all of the Life Magic Skills, and One in the first of the Spectral Magic Skills, Spectral Weapons.

At Level 7, you should be near the Cave Ramp. Now you can take it.

The Dank Cave, Level 2

Here the monsters jump from levels 2-4, to 4-6. Watch yourself. You should also find that your glacier strike is getting stronger. Good. Remember to finish the Spectral Magic Tree, the go on to Shock Magic. The monsters you will encounter are not too difficult, but watch out for those Broken Skeletons! The monsters levels are getting close to yours, so keep potion level high, and Hit Points high. Your Life Skills should be working hopefully, and remember Spectral and Life work together like a charm, stopping the damage and healing with it and normal healing, and countering it really helps. You need to hunt east (right), then south (down) along the stone. The soil leading off east from the stone is not a short cut. It leads to a mass of swampy black stuff, which is impassible. You have to go down along the stone and left and up again. Why not talk to Rikti? He has a lot of information on the caves and Xantan.

Make sure you have enough items, you need things like tiny garnets, tiny beryl's, tiny ambers, tiny obsidians, tiny lapis's, etc from the skeletons. This path is long, but not difficult. Fight around, be at Level 9 or 10 before you go up those stairs though, Xantan is close!

Dank Cave, Level 3- The Dank Cave Maze, Xantan's Lair

Wow! Your nearly up against that Xantan, but you still have a lot of training first!

Use the Dank Cave Map to Hunt your way, but it involves a lot of doubling up paths and monsters. Out of all the monsters on the soil, make sure you find those Metal Devours! Collect the corroded rods from them, as you will need them for your new weapon!

Here you may find stronger healing potions than the weak ones, Standard Healing Potions!

Lets take a commercial break to compare the two...

Name Default Healing Power Carry amount
A Weaker Healing Potion 10 Health MAX 30
A Standard Healing Potion 30 Health MAX 20

*Cut to Odd Commercial Deep Voice* So as you can see, The Standard Healing Potion heals Three Times as much damage as a Weaker Healing Potion, but you can only carry Two Thirds as many as the Weaker Ones, which means that they're about twice as good as the Weaker Healing Potions. *End of Odd Commercial Deep Voice*

Back to the maze!

Ok! If you are not at Xantan's Lair yet (it should say under the Navigational Panel, and it should be stone underfoot), Hurry Up!

Make sure to save any Standard Healing Potions. Although you might only get 3, and you may get 20, save them for Xantan. I suggest you have around 4 or 5 at least, but it can be done with none.

You should be at least Level 13 after all that hunting, but hunt around Xantan's Lair to pick up some important items off the Skeleton Guards, like a Piece of Glass and a Stretch of Rotting Cloth. They're around level 9 or 10, have about 50hp. When you have beaten a few of those skeletons, go up to Xantan. He is that odd slimy thing with a cape on the map, but make sure that you Heal yourself before the battle, on the square before him heal to maximum health with the weak potions.

By this level, you should have One Skill Point in all of the Fire Skills, One in all of the Ice Skills, One in all of the LifeSkills, One in all of Spectral Skills and the first three Shock Skills have One Point in.

Boss One - Xantan The Foul.

Make sure you healed yourself like I told you, and then move straight at him!



  1. Xantan can deal out around 20 damage each round. Be safe and keep your health at least 30.
  2. Use your Glacier Strike, they work well against him.
  3. Use Absorption to heal yourself and stop him attacking you.

Profile: Xantan has 80 Health on Normal. He is Level 10. He can blast you with fire.

He is not too difficult... at level 13 you should have a bit of resistance with Fortitude against his fire blasts, and deal a lot of damage against him. Keep on hammering away, and with your life skills you should be healing a bit of damage nearly every turn. Remember my tips, and go and blow 'im to shreds! He should be a Piece of Cake.

And if you are back, you probably won. Congratulations! You have just got Five Hundred Experience Points, which should send you close to Level 14, and Five Hundred NeoPoints to top it off! Also, you will have your first artifact, if will be the green thing under the armour list. Make sure you do not leave the cave until you have at least one of the first five sets below in the table, and one of the second two sets below in the second table, 'K?

Armour and Weapon Upgrade

After defeating Xantan, you should see you are standing where he was. Walk West (Left), and you should see a blue thing. Walk on it, and on the Navigation Panel, it tells you it is a Magical Teleporter. Use it, (Go!) and you will be teleported to the first Level of the Dank Cave, close to the exit. That was useful, as we need to exit!

Sneak out, because the monsters are too weak for much, if any, experience. Go to Neopia City, and talk to Eleus Bratin. Explain that you have defeated Xantan, and he will tell you about your next destination, The Jungle Ruins! Also, talk to him and get him to craft you a more powerful weapon! The options are...

Wand Name Items Needed Magic Type
Gold Wand Pyrite Rod, Tiny Garnet, Glowing Stone, Xantan's Ring Fire Magic
Steel Wand Pewter Rod, Tiny Lapis, Glowing Stone, Xantan's Ring Ice Magic
Bronze Wand Copper Rod, Tiny Amber, Glowing Stone, Xantan's Ring Shock Magic
Iron Wand Ore Rod,Tiny Obsidian, Glowing Stone, Xantan's Ring Spectral Magic
Silver Wand Aluminum Rod, Tiny Beryl, Glowing Stone, Xantan's Ring Life Magic

There is no special abilities column because the wands have NO special powers AT ALL. Because of this, like your other armour and wand, do NOT get any others, as they are EXACTLY the same. These are One Stage Up from your other wand, and are damage 6 wands, not damage 3 wands. Watch your damage multiply!

Next, talk to Coras Tille. She will make you your new armour! You will need one set of the following...

Set One Set Two
A Stretch Of Rotten Cloth A Piece Of Glass
A Cave Lupe Pelt A Lodestone
A Tiny Obsidian A Tiny Obsidian
A Glowing Stone A Glowing Stone

Give her one of the sets and she will give you a defense 6 armour! Yes, to match you damage 6 wand! They don't have any powers, so, like the wands, no need to get another, 'cause it is a waste of Glowing Stones.
Set One makes you a Magic Robe, and Set Two makes you a Mirrored Force Field.


Yippee! Your have conquered the Dank Caves, and are now Level 13, and have grown 8 Levels since the start of the Guide. You should have around 15/30 Weak Healing Potions at least, and possibly a few Standard Healing Potions.

Bonus Section! The Jungle Ruins, Part 1!

OK! Now you have got through the Dank Caves, I know how annoying waiting can be, so, Here We Go!

Now, as Eleus suggested, head over to the Jungle Ruins! Sneak there, as there is the monsters are way to weak. It is South (Down) of Neopia City. You will see a jungle, go through there and go to a Ancient Ruin, and enter in.

The monsters on the Ground Floor are way easy. Hunt through there. You can go forward to the stairs upward a the north end of the floor to the tower and talk to Denethir on the first floor, but you can't go further up yet, and you can't do anything with him yet, so you may want to skip that and go right to the dungeon levels.

Remember your skills! I suggest after each tree has One Point in them, go over Ice, then take Spectral again.

Hunt around the area around these stairs, and do not go down the stairs next to the ones leading upward. After the hunt, at, or close to, Level 14, try heading further away from the stairs. Don't bother to talk to Margoreth yet, you can talk to her, just not now, it wastes time and she will tell you more after you beat your next boss...

Remember, if you are using too many potions,back track! Then return when you have gained a few Levels.

OK! you should be progressing towards the other side of the map, check the map section. Go out into Kreai's section. Hunt around here. Before going to Kreai, bet at Level 16-18, AT LEAST, although it can be done at 17 pretty easily, I suggest near 18, cause you need to be WAY higher after him, so it would be better to get Kreai out of the way easily, and take the others on at an OK level. Once you are Level 18 your skills should be: One Skill Point in all Fire, Shock, Spectral, and Life Trees, and two points in all skills in the Ice Tree.

You should have collected a lot of potions, quite possible maximum, Mainly Standard with some Weak ones. Remember what I said about them!

OK, your Level 18, want to round-house kick me for doing all that training with you, and can see Kreai up ahead. So Go Get Him!

Boss Two - Kreai

Like with Xantan, make sure you have healed!



  1. Like with Xantan, Glacier Strike him. At Skill Level 2, Watch the Carnage!
  2. He can stun you, so keep Health high with potions.
  3. Sometimes in the heat of battle, Fireball and Snowball are more likely to hit at this stage then a normal Attack.

Profile: He has 130 Health on Normal. He is Level 15. He can blast Ice and Fire, and can Stun you.

He should be easy. Fortitude gives you some resistance against his rarely used special attacks, and as you will find out, the higher your level against a monster lower than your level, the more likely you will hit. This also works backwards. The lower your level compared to you opponent reduces your chance of a hit (although it often is odd. Once I was Level 32 against a 37 Giant Draconid, and even though I was squashed in there in the Battle Screen, showing how big he was, I couldn't hit, just goes to show how accuracy is important, not just how big the target is ;) ). You should easily knock him out, and easily collect a Rotting Wooden Key , your second Artifact, and easily collect your 700NP and 700 set Experience ;).


Wow! You have completed Dungeon One/Three, and beat Two Bosses into submission! Cool! You are Level 18, and come on quite a bit I dare say! And you have Nearly Complete Potion Amounts in Standard and possibly Weak . You have grown 13 Levels through this installment and you have earned:

In this installment of the guide, you have earned: 4035 NP

Bringing your total NeoQuest NeoPoint Count To: 4285 NP

See what I meant about it pouring in in the thousands!

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