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Here I the world of NeoQuest, there are battles to be fought, enemies to defeat, evil Eyrie's to throw off balcony's, etc... But before that, you need to know How To Use NeoQuest!


When you start a game, you will see something about spending skill points, but after that, you will see a map. It will have your character in the centre. As you probably know, you play a White Lupe, who has been warped into Ancient Neopia.

The Map has different features, Some are Impassible, Some areEnterable, and some are Passable. Impassible means you can't pass though it (duh!), Enterable means you can enter it to another place (duh again!) and Passable means you can pass through it (like, duh again!)

The table below explains some of the the different types of surfaces and features.

Name Picture Status
Hills Passable
Fir Trees Passable


Castle Passable, sometimes Enterable
Mountains Impassible
City Passable, sometimes Enterable
Palm Trees Passable
Ancient Ruins Passable, Enterable
Water/Sea Impassible
Water/Sea Bank (s) ,, , , Impassible
Pillar Generally Impassible
Marshy Wally Thing (tar pit? To be honest, I don't have a clue what it is!) Impassible
Stone Path Passable
Soil Passable
Stairs leading Up

Passable, Enterable

Stairs leading Down

Passable, Enterable

Cave Ramp Up

Passable, Enterable

Cave Ramp Down

Passable, Enterable

Chair Passable
Table Passable
Barrel Passable
Crate Passable
Sand Passable
Snow Passable

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OK, you know where you can go, but how do you go there?

< That; is the Direction Panel. It, as the name suggests, lets you move your character. It should be situated next to the Map. There, you click on the arrows (which are "mapped" to different links) to move. The Emblem opens the NeoQuest Manuel.

The direction in which the arrow is pointing is the direction of which the character will travel, or the way your character travels is the direction of the arrow you click, i.e., if I want to go north, I click the north pointing arrow, the "up"

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NeoQuest Control Panel

Underneath theDirection Panel, is what I like to call the Control Panel. This lets you:

  1. Go to the Leader Board
  2. Go to the Options Menu, where you can restart your game, activate music, etc.
  3. See where you are in Ancient Neopia.
  4. Talk to any Non Player Characters on your current square.
  5. Enter any entrances- Cave Openings, Castles, Ruins, etc.

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Inventory Item Colour Coding System

In Your Items, there are colours of items to help you quickly find out what they are. The system goes like this:

Colours and Definitions Possible Item Types Examples
Blue Items are Potions Healing Potion Weak Healing Potion, Standard Healing Potion
Red Items are Weapons Fire Weapons, Ice Weapons, Shock Weapons, Spectral Weapons, Life Weapons Red Wand, Nature Wand, Moonstone Staff
Orange Items are Armour Energy Armour, Magical Armour Mirrored Force Field, Robe Of Protection, Evening Sun Energy Shield
Green Items are Artifacts Artifact Xantan's Ring, The Growing Jewel, The Key to the Two Rings
Black Items are Miscellaneous Misc. Jungle Beast Claw, Carved Oak Staff, Emerald, Glowing Stone

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As you know, in NeoQuest, you have to save Ancient Neopia. To do this, you must fight monsters and bosses to get strong enough to defeat Jahbal, the one who is doing this to Neopia!

When prowling around Neopia, sometimes the map and directions will be replaced by a monster picture, its name and a form button, Click Here to Continue! so, Click There!

You will be in a different screen now. It will show your character, a white Lupe, and the monster/boss, along with yours and theirs names underneath the picture. Also, it will show your Level, and your opponents level, undearth your Health Bar, and your opponents Health Bar. It will also show your Weapon and Armour but not your opponents. I believe that they don't have any weapons as such, even though it says with some bosses they do, like "he raises his wand and prepares to fight!"

In the blue-ish box underneath all that, it will show you what you can do. It shows you an option to Attack, to Cast anything that you can currently, your option to use any Potions you carry, to attempt to Flee from the monster, of to Do Nothing.

After some special abilities, or against certain bosses, or wielding a certain staff, or even with getting new skills, the box will change. For example- If a monster stuns you, it will only show the Do Nothing box, as you are unable to attack, heal, or flee. If against Faleinn, and you have got the Keladrian Medallion, you will have the option to show it to her, which will instantly defeat her. If I was wielding, say, the Iceheart Staff, I would have the power to Cast a Icy Wind, that can freeze an enemy for multiple turns.

That's all folks!

That concludes my reference here for those of you who need to learn how to play...

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