Two Tree Skill Combos

NeoQuest guide by iceysnowmanchamp. Read Also: The In-Depth Guide to NeoQuest Skills, Skills Guide.

Welcome to the in-depth skills guide part 2. In this guide , we will be using the ideas from the guide of drewmatradio, to determine what you should use in each tree, and what wands should be used.

It, like, does help to know a little more in-depth information about skills before you start to pick the combos that you like. Think!! When playing Neoquest, you must have a skill combo that you will use. Yes, even if you plan to use only one tree, you have to use at least two, BECAUSE the first tree will only take up 40 skill points maxixum (the maximum for ONE skill is 10), and you have more than that. And YAY!! This is the first guide to know how many skill points there are. :D There are 56 skill points in total that you have in the game-- seven at the beginning of the game, plus one that you gain for each of the 50 levels except level 1. You will have to have at least two types of skills.

So this guide focuses on the combos that you can have. *GASP* you say? Yes, there ARE millions and millions of combos that you can choose, because you don't have to choose every skill in a tree. Keep in mind, though, that every skill except the first in each tree has a prerequisite. You have to get those skill first before getting the skills.

For example, you can have 10 points in Fire Weapons, and 7 in Firepower, 2 in Fireball and 1 in Wall of Flame. This is what makes Neoquest so interesting-- The ability to customize the abilities, weaknesses and advantages your character will have.

First, let's look at what the skill branches can do alone. An important fact is that any skills that you concentrate on will work well, so the skill branches alone (if concentrated, I mean) can do a lot of things! BTW, I mean like concentrated as in many skill points in it (e.g. at least 6 or 7).

One Skill Tree- skill tree capabilities

Fire alone can do many things. Since in intends to do constant damge, that's WHAT IT DOES! (like duh!) Wall of Flame, Fire Weapons and Firepower will do a lot of damage, plus some Fireballs once in a while wouldn't hurt. (I mean would, to your opponent :D) The Fire Skills will help you finish off your enemies faster, and as a result, let you use fewer potions. The main disadvantage though, is that you may not easily recover from strong magical attacks.

Ice alone is very diverse. It does extra damage with the Ice Weapons skill and with Snowball, freezes your opponent (often if concentrated on), and does massive charge-up damage with Glacier Strike. These will freeze and damage your opponent in turn, let you also take fewer damage and use less potions. But again, you may not easily recover from strong magical attacks.

Shock alone is very shocking (no pun intended :D). It can keep yourself unattacked by the Shock Weapons and Shockwave, while preparing yourself for a Glacier Strike or Shockwave withour resistance from your enemy from Disable! And Fortitude also helps just in case you get stunned. Again, it helps you take a lot fewer damage and OBVIOUSLY, use less potions.

Spectral alone is SOOO cool. It helps you dodge all the physical attacks, if not with Evasion, then with Absorption or Reflex. This also helps you use fewer potions, though the main disadvantage is that you may not be able to dodge magical attacks. Another disadvantage of spectral alone, is that if you have high points in evasion, you will hardly need absorption of reflex. This is why you should not concentrate on spectral.

Life alone is really annoying. your opponent can't do a single thing while you're healing and healing like a maniac (now don't get mad there! >:)), and you may be able to recover from strong physical blows and some medium-power magical attacks in a few easy rounds with Lifesteal and Field Medic together. This will SOOO make the amount of potions used less, because of the constant healing and the Life Weapons skill. Ressurection also could be useful in case you die.

OK, we can start with the two skill tree combos. Combos with two skill trees tend to be very concentrated, and as a result, very powerful, although lacking a variety of techniques. Wand choices should be used to improve weaknesses, for example, choosing shock wands when you have no defence against attacks, and choosing Life Wands when you have high defence, but no Life Skills, and choosing Fire Wands when you have a high defence, but less offensive damage, etc.

Note: The Wand choice refers to the wands you can choose AFTER the Dank Cave, starting from the Wand you get from Denethrir. This is because those wands have special abilities, before that, just choose the wand with the same sphere that you have the most points in the "____ Weapons" Skill. (for example, choose ice if you have most in the ice weapons skill) In case you don't know, the wands are, as follows:

Magic Sphere Wands
Fire Red Wand, Gold Wand, Volcano Wand, Fire Staff, and Firedrop Staff.
Ice Blue Wand, Steel Wand, Glacier Wand, Ice Staff, and Iceheart Staff
For Shock Yellow Wand, Bronze Wand, Storm Wand, Shock Staff, and Thunderstar Staff.
For Spectral Black Wand, Iron Wand, Mountain Wand, Spectral Staff, and Shadowgem Staff.
For Life White Wand, Silver Wand, Nature Wand, Life Staff, and Moonstone Staff.

These staffs are obtained by the beginning, Eleus Batrinn, Denethrir, Erick and the Guardians of the Mountain Fortress respectively.

As for choosing which commbos to use, it's really up to YOU to decide. Some people think that life is good to heal damage and use less potions, and spectral and shock are good to defend yourself, also giving you less potions, but keep in mind, that offensive damage, like Fire, can make fights shorter, because you will defeat your opponents easier. To me, every combo is equal, and it's up to YOU to decide. If you think you want something with offensive, choose Fire. Defensive? Maybe Spectral and Shock. Or maybe it's healing for you. Remember, ALL COMBOS ARE EQUAL IN TERMS OF USEFULNESS.

OK, I'll go on with the combos now.

Two Skill Trees Combo Information
Fire and Ice Combo

Info: This combo is very offensive, using the powers of Fire Weapons, Firepower and Ice Weapons to do a lot of extra damage when you hit. Since there are 56 skill points in the game, you can customize the skill levels you will have if you want to choose this Combo. I would firstly spend all my points on the Fire Weapons and Ice Weapons first, to level 10 for each of them (that's 20), and then continue with Firepower. This will make the amount of damage more. Then you may want to go with Heart of Ice, so you could block some physical attacks while blasting away. Lastly, upgrape-- :D-- I mean upgrade Wall of Flame (but obviously you will have to upgrade fireball first), because Wall of Flame adds to the the damage you can do and also works when you are stunned. The Fireball could come in handy too. Glacier Strike would not go with your strategy in this combo, well, because ice freezes fire. :D. Just kidding. Fire melts ice :D. OK OK, it's because when casting Glacier Strike, you would miss all the things you can do if you use a regular attack, like the Fire Weapons and Ice Weapons.

Skill Distribution: I recommend 10-10-8-8 in fire, and 10-10-0-0 in ice.

Disadvantages: Disadvantages are that you have absolutely NO defence against magical attacks and physical attacks. If using this combo, you may have to stock up on potions and be very cautious in case your opponent can do a lot of damage with an elemental blast.

Wand: I would choose the Life Wands to heal you throughout the battle, as you focus on offensive and have nothing to heal.

Fire and Shock Combo

Info: This combo does damage and stuns your opponent, using the powers of Fire Weapons, Fire Power, Wall of Flame, and Shockwave to do massive extra damage and Shockwave and Shock Weapons to stun your opponent, not giving them a chance to attack. This will help you defend while doing serious damage! I would upgrade all the skills of the um... *LEAVES* :D (what's next?), in this case. You would gain extra protection from the stuns and Fortitude, and if they attack you, they get back damage. I wouldn't put a lot of points into Wall of Flame in this case, because when you have a high level of stun, you don't need that much. When beginning (yes, NOT beggining people! :D) with this combo, you should first invest in fire. When you are level 8 or so, you may want to start investing on shock. This is because the monsters in the Dank Cave don't have many magical attacks, so you don't have to have Fortitude and stunning early in the game. And I would invest more in Shock because Shockwave does extra damage, and doing extra damage when stunning is very GGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDD. :D

Skill Distribution: I recommend 7-7-6-3 in Fire, and 9-8-8-8 in Shock.

Disadvantages: You don't have any healing spells, but that's OK because you have a lot of stunning moves.

Wand: I would choose the Life Wands, because you have no healing skills.

Fire and Spectral Combo

Info: The combo uses the fire attacks to do a lot of damage, and the spectral ones to evade and avoid damage. Actually spectral at high levels for all skills in the umm... *SEED* is not really good. :D Because if you have high levels of evasion, you hardly are going to need absorption and reflex for the simple reason that you almost always would evade them. (yeah yeah, never start a sentence with because :D) *goes into this proofreading 5 hour speech*. Wow! THAT was interesting wasn't it? :D Anyway, spend points on evasion to level 10, and put points on absorption just in case. For fire, put more points in Fire Weapons and Firepower than Wall of Flame, because you have such a high defence of physical attacks anyway, why would you need a skill that does damage when you are attacked physically, when you are never going to get hit? So I would spend points on Fireball. I would upgrade the spectral skills to level 3, and Absorption to level 1 or so before starting to invest on fire.

Skill Distribution: 10-10-6-0 spectral 10-10-10-0 fire.

Disadvantages: You don't have any healing spells to heal with if you get hit by a powerful magical attack, since you can't block magical attacks.

Wand: I would choose the Nature Wand for Denethrir, the Life Staff for Erick, and the Moonstone Staff for the Guardians in the Mountain Fortress, because healing is good, but if you have the shock wand, you also have defence from magical attacks, which would be a big help.

Fire and Life Combo

Info: This combo does major damage with fire and uses life as backup for healing. It's OK, but I would focus a lot on all the fire skills than life because life is similar at higher and lower levels. They only heal one or two more damage when used. I would not spend a lot of points on ressurection because, well, the whole point is to not die in the first place. Also, you would have a high level Fireball which would come in handy. Anyway, upgrade fire first, then life as you go into the dank cave. Put about 5 points in the life skills except Resurrection, of course, but if you want to, you can use one of the points from the Life Weapons skill, and use it on ressurection. Although I doubt it will do a lot, it may help you.

Skill Distribution: Put 10-10-10-10 fire and 6-5-5-0 life (or 5-5-5-1).

Disadvantages: Disadvantages are that you don't have a high defence, not from physical attacks against Spectral or magical attacks from Shock. You have life for backup, but that won't heal you fast enough sometimes from powerful physical attacks or lethal elemental blasts.

Wand: Choose the fire one at the um... BEGGINING (wow, it pains me to write that :D), since there are no magical powers on the first wands, the fire wands make it easier for you to do extra damage. Because you have low defence though, choose the life ones starting from in the Jungle Ruins because they have special healing powers.

Ice and Shock Combo

Info: This combo uses the power of ice to do a variety of different things to your opponent, and uses shock to stop your opponents while doing those effects. Because shock magic needs a normal attack in order to stun your opponent, I would concentrate less on Glacier Strike, instead, more on Ice Weapons and Heart of Ice, and on all the shock skills. "Why?" You ask? Because these skills all have effect when using a normal attack. With the shocking and Fortitude skill, you have a lot of defence. Using the Heart of Ice skill, you can block physical attacks, while resisting magical attacks with Fortitude. I would start in the beginning with 2-1-0-0 ice and 1-1-1-1 shock, upgrading ice as you go through the Dank Cave. After the Dank Cave, start upgrading Shock Skills to prepare for Krei, Gors and Rollay.

Skill Distribution 10-10-0-0 in ice, 9-9-9-9 in shock.

Disadvantages: You don't have a lot of healing skills, but that is okay, because you have such high levels in Shock Magic. The Shock Magic allows you to take less damage.

Wand: I would choose the Nature Wand, the Life Staff and Moonstone Staff. A shock-healing-offense combo, will be unbeatable!

Ice and Spectral Combo

Info: This combo uses ice to do diverse things, using spectral as a backup to avoid attacks. Spectral and Ice work well together, because the effects of Evasion, Absorption, and Reflex work, even when Glacier Strike is charging. I would focus more on the ice skills, to do more damage, and because of Snowball and Glacier Strike. When they are at high levels, they have amazing accuracy, and miss very little. Four points in each of the spectral skills will be the backup, with absorption, reflex AND evasion all defending you. Also, Absorption is a casting skill, so if casting in the middle of a Glacier Strike, it will not obscure the Glacier Strike, as well using up one of the turns for charging the Glacier Strike. As well, you will have a strong normal attack, due to Ice Weapons, which can also freeze due to Heart of Ice. I would start with 1-1-1-1 ice and 1-1-1-0, upgrading all skills of spectral first, then ice, and alternating as you go through the game. Once you reach four of each spectral though, don't upgrade it anymore, because as said before, if you upgrade Evasion a lot, you will hardly need absorption and reflex.

Skill Distribution: 10-10-10-10 ice and 4-4-4-4 spectral.

Disadvantages: You don't have healing skills, and protection against strong magical attacks. Think, "What if Mastermind blasts me for 120 damage?"

Wand: I would choose the life wands, for healing quickly against monsters with strong magical attacks.

Ice and Life Combo

Info: This combo uses ice to do a different amount of effects, while using life skills to heal yourself. Because Lifesteal only works when you use a normal attack, I would spend less points on Glacier Strike and Snowball, and more on Heart of Ice and Ice Weapons, because these are the skills that have effect when using normal attacks. Of course, if you have a points in Snowball or Glacier Strike, when casting it, you can still use the healing from Field Medic. From drewtradio's discoveries, you heal from Field Medic half of the skill points invested on it, and for Lifesteal, the healing amount is the same as the skill points invested in it. I would spend 10 points in each of the Life Skills, except Ressurection, which would not be needed since you have such a high amount if points in Life Skills. With that, you use less potions, and have a big chance to heal 15 hp each round (5 from Field Medic, 10 from Lifesteal)! Also, spend 10 points on Heart of Ice and Ice Weapons, they would also help you defeat monsters quickly and block their physical attacks. Start with 2-2-0-0 in ice, 1-1-1-0 in life, upgrading life first, then ice.

Skill Distribution:10-10-2-2 in ice, 10-10-10-0 in life.

Disadvantages: You have nothing to defend yourself against very strong physical attacks.

Wand: Choose the ice wands, to do more damage, and the Thunderstar Staff at the end, because it can stun your opponents for 2-4 rounds, which gives you the defence you need.

Shock and Spectral Combo

Info: This combo focuses on defence, using shock to stun your opponent and prevent them from attacking, while using Fortitude and the Spectral skills for backup against physical and magic attacks. I would spend more points in Shock, in this case, because Shock Weapons and Shockwave can prevent both magical and physical attacks. Also, too much spectral can prove to be not very good (explained above a lot of times). Spectral should be used as the backup instead. I would start from 1-1-1-1 shock, and 1-1-1-0 spectral, completing spectral first, then alternating between spending points in the skills of each tree. This way, you will have balanced defence. I would also spend 9 points on each of the shock skills, and 5 points on each of the spectral skills.

Skill Distribution:9-9-9-9 shock and 5-5-5-5 spectral, again I wonder what that equals... :D

Disadvantages: You don't have a lot of healing skills, but it's okay, because you have such a high defensive character.

Wand: Choose the Life Wands because they can help you heal in case you get damaged, even with the high defence.

Shock and Life Combo

Info: This combo uses the Shock Power to stun your opponent, so they are helpless, while you heal and heal with your life skills. In this case, I would again spend points on all of the skills, except Ressurection. For this combo, I would spend 8-7-7-7 points in Shock, and 9-9-9-0 points in life. This is because the Shock Skills already work very often at a level 7, but for Lifesteal and Field Medic, the healinf increases as you raise their skill levels. Therefore, it is better to put your points into Life Skills, than the Shock skills. By having Shock Weapons and Shockwave at high levels, you will find yourself stunning almost every round, doing extra damage as you stun them! You lower their resistances with Disable, while having a very high resistance with Fortitude. You also heal more from potions, with a chance to heal 14 hp a round from field medic and Lifesteal (5 and 9 respectively). By stunning your opponents and healing, it produces a very good combo, where if the opponents attack you, you heal. In this combo, I would focus of Shock at the Beginning, and start at Life in the end of Dank Cave.

Skill Distribution: 8-7-7-7 shock and 9-9-9-0 life.

Disadvantages: You don't have a lot of offensive attacks, like Fire Weapons, Firepower or Ice Weapons, but because you have Shockwave, it's okay.

Wand: I would choose the Fire Wands to do extra damage, which you don't have a lot of.

Spectral and Life Combo

Info: The combo uses Spectral Magic to avoid attacks, even using them in clever ways to even heal yourself and reflect the damage back at them, with Life healing you while you keep evading. Again, I would focus more on life skills, because again, as described before, if you have a lot of points in Evasion, you will hardly need Absorption or Reflex. Because in this case, there are a lot of skills that are not needed as much, spend 10 points each into Spectral Weapons, Evasion, Life Weapons, Lifesteal and Field Medic (needed skills) and 2 points each on Absorption, Reflex, and Resurrection (not needed skills). I would start with the spectral skills, and distribute the Life skills later on.

Skill Distribution: 10-10-2-2 Spectral, and 10-10-10-2

Disadvantages: This combo lacks defence against powerful magic attacks, and offensive techniques.

Wand: I would choose the Volcano Wand to do more damage (which you lack), the Fire Staff to cast extra damage, and the Shadowgem Staff for defence against magical attacks (which again, you lack).

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