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NeoQuest guide by Cyan Cloud.

Well, after completing Neoquest a number of times and surveying people from the Neoquest chat boards, I can't help but notice that people always say that the magic they specialise in are always the best, or so as they claim. I've got a friend who thinks Fire Magic is the best skill you can get, excluding Shock, that is. Personally, I think Fire Magic is not really effective as what he thinks. Think about it, after you look at my Magic and Skill review.

Tip time: Don't waste skill points on skills that rely on combat success by your opponent to work and as I mentioned earlier, try to avoid the skills which need to be cast, or wasting a turn, if you ask me. Take a positive attitude during combat, if played properly, those skills are never needed.

Well, that's the Skill Guide. Hope you liked it! My fingers are aching from all these typing. Too bad my computer won't allow me to post comments or questions... :cry: Oh, well. At lest I can see what you people posted. Until next time, I'll be mixing cucumbers with onions to create my very own Kitchen Stinkbomb! Yeah! Bye for now, chaps!

Cyan Cloud

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