How to own a NeoQuest II boss fight

NeoQuest II guide by philodice.

Somewhere around level 25 or so, I came to a realization of how to never lose a battle. Simply put, the boss can't hit you if it is never her turn. So I started over. I had made some poor choices in skills and that would not help me with this new strategy.

I built up Rohane's battle damage increase, critical hits and innate melee speed evenly, maxing out at 15 each in those categories, so now at level 54 he is moving something like insane speed. Then only I started spending on innate magic resistance and stunning strikes. This means he never gets stunned, and has a large chance of stunning his opponent. I spent no points on anything else.

When you get Mipsy, the game gives you plenty of points to spend in order to max out direct damage. Not group damage, just direct damage. At that level most opponents will take only one shot from Mipsy and the fight is over. So since she has the big gun, make her move really, really fast. Innate casting haste looks good, but spend evenly on group haste and innate haste so that all your party members get that speed bonus. If you have problems keeping Mipsy alive, spend some on innate damage resistance as well. I spent no points on damage shields. Remember, the point is to kill them before they hit you.

Talinia was my first character to have too many skills to choose from. I decided to buy group damage, because she has the ability to stun all opponents. So I maxed out her damage increase, maxed out her group damage skill, then spent evenly on innate battle speed, magic resistance and stunning strikes.

Velm has too many wuss skills for me. I maxed out the Celestial Hammer because it stuns, and I maxed out group healing. I just think that individual healing is a waste of time! I spent no points on that skill at all. I didn't want Velm to be fast, because he would just get in the way of Mipsy's big gun and Rohane's ridiculously huge sword, so I spent the rest in innate damage resistance and group shielding. The group shield is cool because it helps Rohane resist being stunned, mesmerized or distracted by shiny objects.

So, on to the battle of the Devilpuss. Step one, hit the boss with the strongest slowing potion you have. At this point, I had the 70% slowing potion.

Step two, have Mipsy cast group haste. Combining group haste, the innate haste points I spent and the slowing potion, your party is moving at extreme lightning speed compared to the poor, helpless Devilpuss.

Step Three, Rohane hits the Boss, and stuns it for several seconds. Talinia hits the Boss, and stuns it for several seconds. Velm Celestial Hammers the Boss, and stuns it for several seconds. Mipsy fries the Boss. Repeat. Step Four, since the Devlipuss has spent the entire battle stunned or in a coma, well, there is no step four.

Happy Hunting!

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