Starting NeoQuest II

NeoQuest II guide by yeojunsheng.

Having a hard time? Not knowing how to play? Well never mind here is a walk through to help you.

First, you start off in the town. Go left. Yes left and train at the left side of the town.Use the hunting mode when you train. DO NOT GO TO FAR STAY CLOSE TO THE TOWN till you are level four. When u are running low on hit points, enter the town by the left side. This way, you will be nearer to your mother. To heal you to full hit points for FREE!

Next, your skills. I suggest that you put on 1 skill point in critical strike, 1 in stunning moves and the rest in increase damage till it reaches level 10 increase damage.

When you are level four, it is time to go to the cave. Talk to your mother before you go. To heal you to full hit points. In the cave, I would advise you taking the long route. This way, you will encounter more enemies and by the time you reach the boss, you should be around level 7 or 8. It would be easy to kill him at that level. After you finish him, just teleport out of the cave. Now switch to Normal mode if you want. Go back to your town if you want or head straight to white river town.

After you cross the land bridge, switch back to hunting. Head for the town buy a new sword, potions till you have 20 potions that heal 15 and the 25-damage potions. You will need them fighting the 2nd boss. Now head for the cave to fight the boss.

If the skeletons is too tough for your, walk around a bit to level up before you advance further. When you challenge the boss remember to heal to full hp with your potions before the fight. Also, have some potions that heal 3 and lots of them that heal 25.

Attack using the 25-damage potions, it is better. Your critical strike should be around 26 at that time so the potion is like dealing a critical strike every turn. When ever he hit you, heal. Heal to 70+ before hitting him again. Don't worry, you can buy potions again later on in the game. You should be able to win before you run out of potions unless you are really unlucky that he hit you 31 damage every time and keep on healing.

Head back to town after you win the battle. Go across the bridge and get Mipsy in the town across the river. Also get some potions too. For Mipsy, I advise you to put all her skill points in direct damage. That would be direct damage level 10. she would now be able to deal damage of 50+ with that spell. Two times more than you main character! As for Rohane, start putting the points on stunning moves. Mipsy should be the one dealing damage while Rohane stuns them.

Well that is all for part one. Hopefully part two will be up soon when I have the time to type it :-). That's all folks.

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