Choosing Skills

NeoQuest guide by tinysaiyan.

When you begin your first game of NeoQuest in the oh-so fun Normal mode, you are presented with a screen listing various abilities. "WOW!" you might think. "I gotta have some of these!" But whoa there Skippy, this is something that needs to be thought out since it will affect how you play NeoQuest. Let's have a look at the different skill areas.

Fire Magic

This is the magic of violence and destruction, harnessing the powers of flame to burn your opponents down where they stand. Fire Magic focuses entirely on causing offensive damage.

Ice Magic

This is the magic of freezing and slowing, bringing the forces of frost to bear on your opponents in order to strike them and slow them down. Ice Magic focuses mostly on causing damage, with some disabling ability.

Shock Magic

This is the magic of stunning and disabling, using the power of lightning to disable and confuse your opponents. Shock Magic focuses on stunning and disabling opponents, with some defence.

Spectral Magic

This is the magic of defence and protection, increasing your ability to avoid taking damage and mitigating the damage that you do take. Spectral Magic focuses on defence, with some counterattack.

Life Magic

This is the magic of regrowth and healing, continuing the cycle of life as you make your way through the world. Life Magic focuses entirely on healing.


Sound good? You bet! But before you go clicking everything at random and spending skill points here, there and everywhere, you need to take what kind of a battler you are into consideration. "Huh?" you say?

Let's pretend that you're a fierce warrior who enjoys watching various creatures cower in your shadow. It may not be such a wise idea to choose Spectral Magic, since this will make you avoid and defend. However, Fire Magic will serve you well. Get the general idea?

Now that we've taken that in, we still have to be rational about those skill points. You may love the idea of burning your rivals to a cinder, but what if your HP plummets and you're conserving your Healing Potions, hmm? Now this is just my opinion, but Life Magic is a LIFESAVER (no pun intended, seriously). Even if you only spend 3 Skill Points upgrading these, you'll still have 4 points to spend in Fire. This balances it out and will help you along your way.

Now that this is over and done with, you'll be asked to select a starting weapon. Don't choose blue because it's your favourite colour when you've spent most of your Skill Points in Fire! Think about it! Remember that if you suddenly become bored with your wand, you can always change it to a different element later.

On a final note, as you progress through the game, for each time you level up you gain a Skill Point to spend in the skill of your choice. You only get one, so choose it wisely. Bored of Fire? Why not try Ice!? Want to evade? Spectral might be good.

Happy NeoQuesting!

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